Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Morning, a new outlook

No pics today. Just some thoughtful thoughts.

Paris Hilton has been seen with a new guy to boldly go where so many have gone before. Ditto Madonna.

Reality shows- places where the likes of Tracy Chapman and Omarosa, Donald and Dennis Rodman, can fool themselves that people actually tune to see them. Actually people tune in to see the equivalent of train wrecks.

Dana Delaney- good actress, glad she is back on TV.

Jonas Bros don't seem to have the pull that Hannah Montana has had. Too bad.

Heidi Klum- has begun pushing a line of facial products just when I was thinking she looks tired and lumpy.

Alicia Keys- super at the Oscars. But the posing. Stop, arrange, stick the leg out through the slit. Smile, Move on.

Lake Bell- never has been good with make-up. At least I don't think she wears any. She will wear a pretty dress, severe hair, no makeup and the celeb mags gush over how beautiful she is. They need to get a grip.

Rene Zellweger- Should smile, not smirk.

Barbara Walters- not bad for an old lady.

David Letterman- he does a great job. Just too late to stay up for.

Clare Danes is looking happy and in love. Way to go.

Heather Mills is- Where???????

Justin Timberlake- multi-talented. Thank goodness for the younger crowd because some of those young people seem to get by on publicity alone.

Elle Fanning-younger sister of Dakota Fanning- is looking like a future beauty and star, just like her sister.

There are another couple of ideas here. Ignore anyone who says no global warming.
Stay away from people who are habitually complaining.

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