Sunday, January 27, 2013

No matter

No matter what age you are and what size chest you have you can still wind up with squashed boobs.

I don't think so

There are some things that just don't do it for me. I love heels on some people. I especially like the ones without the platforms so many find of the moment. But there are times that one should check out the look they project and maybe change the look a bit. I could see either leg makeup or maybe a stocking of some sort. Or maybe a lower heel. SJP has long been considered a fashion icon by some and she professes to love heels. But time has passed and she is so thin that her veins show all over. A wee coverup might help.
Speaking of coverups. I'm at a loss to explain the new trends of wearing see thru things and especially with non-matching undergarments. Fergie showed up for a red carpet walk with an orange lace dress and black underwear. And SJP seems to think this black bra thing is a good look for her. I think the black under the white is jarring and renders the look totally classless.
So lets go with a lace overdress. This one is beautiful and could be carried off with a lot of panache if there were a pretty undergarment. But wearing the lace over a blue shiny bathing suit(that's what it looks like) is just ugly. I think even the best body in the world wouldn't carry this look off.
This is further proof that starlets think less is more. Or more is more. Let's show off as much of our bodies as possible. Yeah that's the way to prove we are serious in our pursuit of fine acting. At least the blue bathing suit seems to be popular.
 These pants are too tight. And the butt......
 Butt is this better? The only thing big in this photo is the way too big scarf. I don't think skinny is any more attractive than oversize. Though it seems the fashion designers do.
Last of the things I'm not down with is the dress that is meant to be one sided. Everything from the one shoulder evening gown to the strange concoction at right have taken up residence in the closets of fashionistas. I suppose some of the reasoning is to not look like everyone else. But I don't find that this dress in any way enhances the wearer. It just looks poorly made to me.

I have found that there are designers who seem to simply want to do different stuff, make different shapes, use different materials. But they are limited in that the human body is a certain shape. As a plus size person, I'm hopeful that more designers will use the body as a basis for design. Thankfully there are some established designers who do make women look like women.

In the meantime, I think I'll study up on Jason Wu.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Now the front can match the back.