Saturday, February 28, 2009

How do I say this nicely

Lisa has gone too far with the putting herself forward. She has become too talky and is trying too hard to be the center of attention instead of being a supportive person on the red carpets. I have liked/hated her for a long time. I had thought the new gigs she has had would be a good way to show her bubbly personality and increase her stature as a celeb. However, I think when anyone does the job she does and spends so much effort to draw attention to themselves, they only diminish their efforts. I would like to see her let the lip plumping go, tone down the over the top make up and hair. On the decorating show she did, she was cute. Now she looks like an aging Hollywood matron. Too bad.

More and More

Ashley Tisdale has had surgery-on her nose. That was a good idea. She looks better. But I sense that she could still use some help with her

wardrobe choices, the make-up needed, and her hair. There is an

Ashley Tisdale blogsite. A fan site. A fan of what?
Gisele is married. How much would most guys give to be her husband.
Gwen Stefani must have thought that the awful dress she wore would hide the fact that she has grown a bit.
Rihanna went back to Chris Brown. Come on now. We all know you can't turn off love at the
drop of a hat. But you can try.
Good Luck- Mr. Kennedy.
Amazingly enough when Drew Barrymore tries to look sexy or more grown up- she gets booed for it. I think she looks great when she really dresses up.
There you go.

To expand on a thought

Friday, February 27, 2009

New news newly done

Janice in ?????????

Zac in Red
Zac in Blue, Missoni in Desert

Zac Pozen nailed the fabrics to make a woman feel beautiful thing in his new collection.

Missoni, on the other hand must have seen the original Stargate movie.

Isn't it interesting that Jennifer Anniston and Angie Jolie don't seem to care as much about a feud as the magazines do. Magazines must be running out of things to write about. Come on Hollywood, do something stupid for the mags.

Jay Leno--- going, going, gone? Who knows? The plan is to plan way ahead so you can change your mind like Brett Farve.

Is it just me or is there a brotherhood of Browns? Chris-Bobby?

Octo Mom_______come on guys. She has a name. Let's see--It is ??????????????forgot

Glory be, Wolverine(Hugh Jackman) and Harry Potter are returning to us this year.
Lady Gaga- Magazines call her worst dressed. They are not clothes, they are costumes. Get a grip editory.
Madonna--What can you say? Mags and tv shows say she keeps reinventing herself. I just think she is the same incledibly buff s--- she has always been only in a new outfit. And often the new outfits are not appropriate for kids to see. Wonder where she gets dressed. Surely not at home.
Gary Sinise was a superb movie actor. Now he is a grossly underrated superb tv actor.
Just once I would love to see all of the Hollywood women without their hair extensions.
I'll say it again. Spencer and Heidi are irritating and need to disappear.
Oh the joys of being nasty. That is, of course, because no one is paying me to pump up star egos, lie about their work and looks, pimp labels to them or even meet them. There seem to be a few
celebs who actually live up to their positions as roll models, like Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet. Reese and Jake, Etc. Most of the others seem to think they are somehow superhuman or no longer human. They demand, yell, preen, and diss other celebs. They should be portrayed, in my opinion as the jerks they are.
Rich Limbaugh once said it,"I hope he fails." about the programs President Obama has tried to start. Rich, to me, is a supreme example of someone no one should listen to.
Again some of this is news, some old news, and some opinion. Take what you will.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Attitude, New me

Kevin Federline----Children's clothing designer. Can't dress himself. Maybe he needs
a new name-like Kevin Fatterline. I have never liked the idea of purchasing clothing
from someone who looks like something the cat dragged in.

Kevin and Britney----I see why she doesn't want Kevin's girlfriend on the tour. She is thin.

Lindsay----Please try Yoga. You need to relax and eat. I really don't know what to
do now. When I get stressed I eat. Just don't understand someone who doesn't eat enough to stay curvy.

Spencer and Heidi----What can I say? I have posted a picture of a butt ugly guy and a BLONDE whose mouth is always open(don't know why she thinks her tongue is cute) and for some reason this couple gets press. What can I say? I gave them space.

Lauren Conrad quitting her reality???????? show. Gee

Shannen Dougherty working on a magazine. Well a girl's gotta eat.

Ryan Seacrest----isn't quite nice enough to get away with nasty questions. He tries.

Paula Abdul can't choose a pretty dress to save her life. But her jewelry line on Home Shopping Network is nice. Who would have thought?

I keep thinking about SJP's Oscar Dress. She looked like she would fall out at any second. Why do celebs think it looks good?

Cher is ageless, endless entertainment. Not necessarily a role model.

Rosie O'Donnell seems to finally have come to grips with her need to tone down, thank goodness and her son who asked her to not drink.

Why do The Insider and Entertainment Tonight always have the same stories on.

Mark Harmon---NCIS. I have watched you since you played College football. You just keep getting better.(This is a minor crush)

How is this for a New Attitude?

Thanks to CE and EE for new website info.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Morning, Old thoughts

Say what you will about the wonderful voice of Kelly Clarkson; I fail to see why
it is so hard to hire a wardrobe assistant.

Joaquin Phoenix was so good in Walk The Line but it might have been a turning point in a big downward spiral. But then the whole family seems somewhat
to left of center.

Salma Hayek (Congrats on Wedding) Sometimes she looks amazing and sometimes just
not. She could use more of the amazing. What a figure!!!!!!!!!

Barak Obama is trying to be clear on the problems and solutions the government
is working with. What is so hard to understand? Some (R) citizens seem to have hearing difficulties.

Poor Naomi Watts. Oscar mess. Ill-fitting dress and hair a mess. Poor Naomi Watts.

Jessica Beil-afterparty- WOW

Lisa Rinna-talks too much.

What's with the fashion designers hiding bodies with extra fabric, huge bows? Let's see- This is a beautiful dress-Let' add a huge bow and maybe a bunch of draped fabric. There now, you can't tell it is a beautiful dress.

Poor Whoopi.

Melissa George and Heidi Klum should really thank their designers for their dresses. They were certainly noticeable. And UGLY.

I am DONE.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More of everything

More of everything-----Oscars. Oscar dresses. Oscar jewels. Oscar hair. Oscar everything. Plussssss

Amy Adams, I don't think she has the knack yet.

The Oscar gown on Beyonce made her look huge from waist to knees and it was cheap
looking. Then there was the lack of jewelry and the ugly hair.

Why would Jessica Beil cover up that gorgeous body?

I think Miley Cyrus looked really cute. So there.

Tilda Swinton is such a great actress I don't care what she wears. Ditto Cate

Why would Natalie Portman wear a prom dress to the Oscars?

I want hugh Jackman to sing for me again.

Sienna Miller dresses better than the clothes she designs. She needs a new job.

I actually saw a picture of Lil Kim with her boobs covered. Wow, that's a new one.

Rachel Zoe---boring and skinny.

Denise Richards needs to get a life, not get revenge. What a B-------

What is the Michael Douglas equivalent to Cougar?

Oprah. A big deal? Why?

Lauren Conrad's fashions are a little plebian, her acting is a little.......

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, Monday

Monday is the start of a new week in which I will proceed to nag at the obvious
idiocies of the celeb world.

Jennifer Lopez seems to be losing her grip on classy and just doing ruffly.

Big necklace and big unironed potato sack dress.

Damn Pam.

Tyra Banks is fat, no she's not, yes she is, no she's not....................

Will Smith needs a few good scripts.

Courtney Love lost a lot of weight. Still hasn't found a sense of style.

Patrick Swayze-we love you. Keep trying.

Poor Mr. SJP.

Sean Penn won. And got his beautiful wife back. Way to go.

Oscar fashions and jewelry could have fed half of Darfur.

Why would any Kardashian be at the Oscars? Did I fail to see a movie or something?

Well, It is Monday.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Any thoughts, Any way

It is Oscar Day.------The angst of it all. It is hard to believe that the concern
of the big money making celebs today is who they are wearing.

Should Heath Ledger win again, this time for make-up? I thought the awards for that
movie were given out last year.

Should Obama worry about what the republican congressmen think? They backed a guy
that brought the country to its knees.

Have the aliens landed and left a different person to play Mickey Rourke? The
guy who claims to be mickey Rourke does not look anything like the original.

Did Martha Stewart become popular because most American women have no taste and
had to get someone else to show it to them?

Rachel Ray, what?

Does Penelope Cruz always look wonderful? Yup.

Is it strange that Michael Myers does his best work when he doesn't look like

Is there any way to import Dr Oz advice on a cell phone? I want to ask him how to look young-as in 20 years old.

Is there any way to get Dr Phil to shut up? He is irritating.

Are the designers going to say that Anne Hathaway is too fat now? Or is someone
going to complain that she is too thin?

Can anyone believe that the Octomom is put out that her dad was on Oprah and she
wasn't? Is she for real?

And now for the good news. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are with child again. One.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More thoughts, more wishes

I wish------That someone would explain why Jennifer Aniston gets a lot of press for
handing out an award and a lot of the honorees barely get a mention.

That Kanye West was even half as good as he thinks he is.

That women who are victims of domestic abuse had as good of support
systems as Rihanna.

That Leighton Meester could act.

That people could be called celebrities only when they have done
something worthwhile.

That someone would explain to me why a football player is worth
45 million dollars for 3 years.(Shame on the Raiders)

Tori Spelling was even close to being pretty. Don't get me wrong. She
seems nice and has a nice figure.

That someone would tell Isaac Mizrahi that purses don't make good hats.
Check out

That models had to look like real people, not coathangers with legs.
It would make it easier to see how the clothes would look on real people.

That Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame would stop by to see

That designers would give up on ripped jeans.

That Hugh Jackman lived next door and did his own yard work.

That I could see something I really like about celeb life.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I think, therefore I b-tch

I think-----the designer in Europe who said Heidi Klum is fat needs glasses,
and a good buttkicking.

Jennifer Lopez is unaware that her husband is scrawny and not
very good looking.

Gwyneth Paltrow has a big ego and an even bigger wardrobe. Neither
of these things are necessarily good things.

Kylie Minogue is a survivor. Thank Goodness.

Katy Perry needs help, in all sorts of ways.

Rachel Bilson looks weird in a sofa throw.

Victoria Beckham needs to learn a new pose.

Misha Barton needs to learn all sorts of things.

Claire Danes looks weird in a sundress and tights. Seasonal? Which?

Agyness Deyn Looks Weird Period

Ivana Trump has style. But it isn't appropriate for her age and body.

Poor Paris Hilton.

I don't know why Cacee Cobb is.........

Diddy needs a few good names.

Nick Carter looks good as a grown up. Who cares?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Day, New Stuff

What if-- Jessica Simpson was able to sing a song without groaning in what she
thinks of as a sexy way?

Celebrities were to spend their clothing allowances on feeding the
poor and actually wear real clothes to events?

Someone would tell Lance Armstrong that riding a bicycle does not make
him sexy?

The thighs on runway models actually had some shape and the shoulder
blades really didn't show?

Louis Vuitton made handbags for a reasonable price?

SJP(you know who) wore clothes which weren't costumey?

Katie Holmes actually ate?

California, which has a wonderful selection of foods, were to use
normal weight people in their commercial?

Maria Carey realized how very unsexy it is to try too hard to be sexy?

Janet Jackson ate veggies?

Michael Jackson had a nose?

People stopped caring about the Angie/Jennifer thing? What would
magazines write about?

People began to act sensibly? What would I write about?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Blog, New Thoughts

I will be including a lot of thoughts on the new blog. I am overrun with opinions and I want to save the other blog for my art and the new things I learn. This blog will enable me to show my non-compassionate side.

For Instance: Why are the Kardashians on TV?

Why does Britney Spears always sound like she is singing into a

Why do people not notice that Cameron Diaz doesn't have a

What happened to Misha Barton's clothing stylist? Did she
disappear with the girl's acting career?

Why do celebs wear designer fashions even if they are ugly?,
(the fashions, I mean.)

Why would the press, TV, and magazines add credence to an obvious
idiot who has 14 children, no job? For that matter, how can
The Learning Channel make having huge families seem like a good
idea? The world will suffer a lot with the children and children's
children to take care of. There is already a problem with making
resources go around. This is totally irresponsible of the channel
and the families who do this by choice.

Why do the people who make movies use actors who are not very good
at acting even though they were married to Brad Pitt?

When do the good movies start to be made again? And why so
many remakes?

Who is Tom Cruise and why is he still acting?

Is this enough to ponder for one day? More to come. Bye.