Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Extra, Extra

I am going to have a go at common sense today.

1. Anyone who dresses like the foto should be wearing a sign that says "come and get it"

2. The Bachelor is a jerk. If the scenes on the show were planned, he is a jerk, along with the whole heirarchy of the show. If they are real, He's Still a Jerk.

3. Ali Larter has an amazing way of looking feminine and being able to be a total

4. Eva Mendez has an amazing way of not looking good most of the time.(Stylist?)

5. Scarlett Johannsen changes her look constantly and yet constantly looks like a pigeon toed little girl playing dress up.

6. Angelina is often maligned for what she did to Aniston. What? That has been years and besides it has allowed Aniston to play the poor little dumpee and capitalize on it to keep a sad career alive.

7. Ashley Tisdale has a new photo shoot and CD. OK

8. Jennifer Hudson has a new photo shoot and CD. Wow is she good.

9. Michelle Obama is looking like just as amazing a person as her husband. Rush Limbaugh is looking like the jerk he is.

10. Adam Sandler-slapstick. Which isn't so funny now.

11. Sean Connery is still on my list of crushes with Mark Harmon and Paul Walker.

12. I wonder how Arnie is doing as governor with the current problems with recession. His job is among the many I wouldn't want.

13. Hold on. I think I see someone doing something right. It is. Reese Witherspoon is speaking about violence against women. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

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