Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not until

I will not be doing any blogging about celebs until the Michael J. stuff has gone away.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Black is not always a good thing.

This pic

This pic of Paris gathered a lot of boos from paps but I love the dress. The color is super. The sweater is not bad. The rest of the blue junk ruins the whole thing. But I love the dress.

I am offering

I am offering 3 images that should stick in your minds for a while. One is a shorts outfit that looks like the leavings in a dressing room at a thrift store. One is a pic of a new diva who should wear more clothes. And one is of a barely known woman in a long dress and Captains hat, neither of which seem to fit the setting. This proves that making some money does not making some good fashion decisions.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Farrah died. Too young. I'm sad.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This is the year

This must be the year of the really ugly dress.


Tom and Katie. He is supposed to be a power in Hollywood. His wife is supposed to be a fashion icon. I hate this whole concept. Tom is a one act wonder. His acting has never kept me from seeing him as Tom Cruise. He is always Tom Cruise. The Scientology thing doesn't help. I have trouble believing that he really believes that stuff.

Mickey. He is an actor. His life has left a lot of really nasty stuff on his face, not to mention the bungled plastic surgery. After 9 1/2 Weeks he was supposed to be a hunk. I didn't see it then. I really don't see anything now. I do see someone who has acting skills which are outweighed by his ego and his drinking skills. Yuck!

Perez Hilton. Who the heck is this guy? Why was he even allowed to insert a question into a pageant that had nothing to do with the pageant? Why does the guy call other people "Faggots"? In what way are his opinions any better than any one else's opinion. I see him as a cry baby with a big agenda. And a bore.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kristina Hendricks

And to think I thought my grandmother's fashion sense sucked.

just Because

Christine Lakin- that is her name. I wouldn't have known. She hasn't done much except suffer through a movie with Paris and wear truly ugly clothes.


I'm waiting to find out if this girl has a talent.

Friday, June 19, 2009

What I would give

I would give almost anything to look like this.

Katie Price

This is a pic of Katie Price. I don't know who she is. I don't know what she does besides pose for pics. I don't know why people want her to pose for them. I do know those aren't real.

I don't think

I don't think being abused is good for one's fashion sense.


What is that girl doing now? Well, she is still dressing in costume. She is still doing a lot of traveling. She is still looking for a best forever friend. She is still looking for a man. She is still collecting dogs. She is still stupid. And she is still appearing available for intimate things in public. Nuff said.

Jennifer and Hannah

Boobs. That is all I see when I look at these pics. Hannah Soukupova has turned hers silver and barely covered them. Of course hers aren't that hard to cover. And Jennifer Aniston has made the mistake of thinking here look good in a dress that doesn't fit. I am not an Aniston fan, far from it. I think she is a whiny, "poor me", insipid half actress but she usually does better on the fashion front. This time her front removes the fashion from the picture and focuses only on the front. If you want your front to get noticed, by all means wear a dress that doesn't fit.

Bethenny Frankel, a housewife?

I am so amused at the shows named Real Housewives of ...... The women pictured are not real housewives in my definition of the word. Many are not wives, and few seem to give a hoot about the house except when there is to be a party. Not much of the shows are about women being housewives. And most of the shows show women acting as bitchy as possible. Preening for a camera is a big thing. Showing the enhanced chests of some of the women is even bigger. One of the women has even styled herself a celebrity.

As a woman who has been a REAL housewife, I have tried to watch more than 15 minutes at a time of the shows. I managed a 30 minute stint of the Orange County bunch. The Atlanta and New York bunch were far too boring or bitchy for my taste. And the New Jersey group seems to be trying to outdo the New York bunch. All in all, these women are a sad statement about the world of today. I don't think I have ever seen a more selfcentered bunch of know nothings in my life. BOO!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

fit is everything

Bai Ling usually wears truly tight clothing. She could have gotten this one right if she had worn a dress with a lot less skirt. And if the bust of the dress came anywhere near her own bust. This dress is at least 4 sizes too big. Why???????

jumpsuits again

I don't understand about jumpsuits. They are not particularly good looking on anyone. They are in all shapes and sizes, witness one on a pregnant Heidi. However that one just looks like a tent with legs. The denim, on the other hand, looks like a balloon with a belt. Doesn't anyone ever use the potty any more? If they did, they would realize how much of a problem jumpsuits really are.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So Many Kinds of Wrong

Jenna Jameson was known. As a skin actress. As a skinny actress. As a skinny pregnant actress. And now as a mom. But the problems have begun. She is not skinny. That is the good part. But the dress she is wearing in the pic is so bad. First, the boobs,(greatly enhanced through surgery), don't fit into the dress. Next the cutouts at the "waistline" show that there is no waistline. Then the gathered skirt would make anyone's hips look humongous. It certainly looks that way on Jenna. And finally the skirt stops at the largest(I hope) part of her thighs. Maybe we should donate to buying her a mirror. She obviously doesn't own one.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Drew, tsk tsk tsk

Here we have the occasionally adorable Drew Barrymore. What is that tablecloth she is wearing? Is this what is worn to a current music concert? Does one need to dress like they are bling? Answers, please.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Someone please explain to me how showing fake boobs is good. The girls here make a big deal of their chest. Showing it off constantly seems to be their biggest draw. Ok, Kim K looks absolutely stupid in the white thing she's wearing. It looks like it isn't big enough. But I'd be willing to bet she pulled it open to show off boobs.

Mariah is happily married. Seems to be anyway. So why is it a good idea to strain every seam on all of her clothes? I wonder if that helps her hit high notes.

Pam A. will wear anything she thinks will draw male attention. This outfit is slut city in my view. However I'm sure it gets her attention.

Now, Pam is in her 40's, Mariah is close behind. I think Kim is in her late 20's. What will Pam and Kim depend on when the sagging starts. Plastic surgery is a given for all of these women. How much can you lift in one surgery? There are pics around
showing the Aging Pam. There are pics showing the not so slim Mariah. There are pics showing cellulite on Kim. If the need to use physical beauty to get attention is so great, when are the next operations planned? So at some point I still need to know, why does a woman make herself look like a hooker to become famous?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Alber Elbaz For Lanvin

I have never, no never seen a collection of uglier clothing than the spring Lanvin. The fabrics are beautiful but the clothes look like fancy garbage bags tied around the models. He said there would be nothing that was not real in his collection. Well, he succeeded in finding REAL ugly.

Anna Sui

Anna Sui did an absolutely fabulous job on ethnic for spring. The 2 red dresses are wonderful and would span many fashion seasons. The rest of the collection is just as joyful as these examples. Style.com is the place to go.

Wouldn't you

Wouldn't you hate to be the carrier of Paris' health insurance on her back?

Oh look, a new pumpkinhead.

Riley Keough

Guess what, Elvis fans. This is his granddaughter caught up in the same bad taste place that he was when he wore those awful jumpsuits. That man was beautiful and so is his granddaughter. Bad taste must be inherited.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why, oh Why?

She can star in movies and be considered really cute, etc. Why do girls who could be attractive work so hard to be ugly? Why would anyone wear converse with a pretty dress? Do you suppose she thinks it is cool? Will she get attention? Well here's the answer. Yes she will get attention. People with any cool will wonder why someone who can look nice would choose to look like a dork. And maybe she hasn't noticed but those hideous shoes make her legs look like they have no shape. I will be so glad when the Twilight movies are finished and this one can fade back into the woodwork.


Hilary Duff was really cute for a while. She seems to have lost the knack for picking appropriate clothing. This time she is dressed in a too tight dress that looks like an old lady would wear, has a saggy bra on, and her hair is badly in need of help.

What's up?

I am wondering about labels today. The Kardashian girls have a couple of reality shows. Does that make them stars? Paris, ditto. Not in my book it doesn't. Spencer Pratt called Audrina Partridge a bad name. They are both in reality shows. Does this make SP a big enough celeb to get away with that sort of bad behavior. The rag mags are touting the "reality shows" as real. But other followers of the shows say the shows are planned, not reality. Well either way they are pretty bad. We watched Survivor one season. It didn't appeal. We haven't been able to stomach the Hills, Batchelor, Big Brother, Keeping up. We don't see these things as anything more than people behaving badly. The Bad Girls, and other similar shows are even worse. So why watch them? There are shows about people having a blast overpopulating the earth. There are shows about dirty jobs, deadly jobs, deadly animals, deadly people, people who eat weird stuff. Now if you want some interesting shows. Those do keep us hopping though eating eyeballs and stuff keeps me running----out of the room. Our televisions are overwhelmed with shows that purport to be reality. But what is real about 3 girls who don't have skills running around showing off their booties in really tight clothes. That is right, back to the Kardashians. They are boring and Spiedi are more boring and distasteful. TV has become the domain of people who will do anything for a few minutes of notice. Not fame.

Welcome Wendy

Wendy the Very Good Witch has joined me here. I am tickled to be able to welcome Wendy. Now I am officially a spokesperson of truth as I see it. By the way, I need glasses which aren't ready yet so the truth sometimes gets fuzzy. Welcome Wendy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The I don't get it.

Tom and Rita are always a sight for sore eyes. Especially eyes that have stared at Mischa Barton in her ugly stuff. Seems Mischa lost a show and then lost her way fashion wise. She had been a best dressed icon for quite a while on the show. Then came a raft of scruffy boyfriends and out the window went the fashion sense. Yellow keds. oof.

Now comes a new trend I can't get into. Dresses and swimsuits that look like bandages. Herve Leger does it but his dresses are always stretchy and usually look as if they were painted on. Paris actually looks decent in her white swimsuit. Fergie wore a dress that looked as if the strips of fabric were pinned onto another dress. And Megan Fox. Another cut out strip dress but this time well fitted. Still it makes no sense. Designers seem to have lost focus on what is attractive on women and the women, especially celebs, seem to think the more skin they show the sexier they are.

In my opinion, fashion and sex appeal have not seen eye to eye for a long time.