Saturday, December 4, 2010

A few nasty thoughts

I would like to know how much a person like Kelly B from a housewives show has to pay a ragmag to say she looks good in a bikini.

I would like to know how the Gosselin kids could help having anger issues. After all they are just taking after their mom.

I would like to know what thought process could make Kanye "Bigmouth, small mind" West think Taylor Swift should have his back. And why does he think people are attacking him. Maybe they are. But folks, stupidity is not a disease.

Why does it seem OK to spend millions on a wedding when there are so many starving kids in this world?

Does anyone besides the ragmags still connect Jennifer Anniston with Brad Pitt?

Justin Beiber is 16? Really? Coulda fooled me.

Leah Michelle. Isn't there anyone else on Glee?

Does Mickey Rourke look like a caricature of his old self or is it just me?

Heidi and Spencer. Publicity Stunt Divorce. Didn't work did it?

A Kardasian in the hand is---trying to get her picture taken.

I wonder how many ragmags there would be if they could only print the absolute proveable truth.

The fashion industry has finally done it. I used to love fashion magazines. The pretty models and the beautiful clothes were like eye candy. However, I can no longer say that. The clunky, overdone shoes; the sheer, unwearable, blouses; the gathered fabric dresses that look as though they were put together with safety pins. These are awful to me. The prices just suck. And the clothes are worn by "models" of anorexia and bulimia. The legs that we see so much of are downright bony. The bust. Well there is none. And the faces are badly made up if at all. The hair is often a frizzy fright that would get my stylist fired. Oh, and all in a size 0. Yeah I used to like fashion mags.

I used to like reading about the stars. That was until the advent of "reality" TV.
Now they are choosing some of the most disgusting people and treating them as if they were TV royalty. Thanks so much Jerry Springer!