Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hello. The best words are..........

No pics. No fashion. And from what I am reading on CNN and other news sites, no common sense.

First may I say that the fashion world is actually leading the doom and gloom future with the gray predictions walking the runways. I have read that one of the ways fashions reflect the bad economy, is that the hemlines go down. Well, to me, the best way of reflecting the bad economy would be for the prices to go down. That makes sense to me.

Rush Limbaugh seems to thing the White House wants him to be quiet. He believes that the president wants him to be thought of as stupid. Well, he is proving himself to be, if not stupid, at least out of touch. And he seems to think himself much more important than most I have spoken with think he is.

Barack Obama has made plans to overcome the country's financial woes. He has proposed the spending of billions of dollars. I don't know if it will work or not. But there are people who have been following his 45 days in office waiting for a mis-step. There are those who expected the economy to turn around immediately after the election. We need to think back. The previous administration took over a large country running in the black. They worked on the country for 8 years to bring it to the current position. There were 8 years worth of mistakes and blunders. There were 8
years of the administration not listening to the American people. That was the start of our financial problems. But it is not all by a long shot.

We loved the idea of conspicuous consumption. I jumped right on the bandwagon and bought purses, shoes, clothes, and jewelry. I loved to shop. I hated to save, though I did do some saving with the $5 method(saving all $5 bills I got). The magazines in the supermarkets proclaim IT girls, must haves in accessories and fashion, the latest in make up and hair. Not cheap, any of it. We Americans kept HSN, QVC, and other internet and TV shopping outlets hopping. A new package every day. Christmas, who needs it? We bought SUV's not to go off road but because everyone else was doing it. We purchased(at least in my city), homes which were overpriced and looked like everyone else' home. "No way I am buying an older home. I want new!" We watched the home channels to update our homes, the learning channels to update our look, and the news to remind ourselves that we were at war and there was a reason for the downturn in the economy. Couldn't be our fault. We were SPENDING.

So here we are. Some of us ae out of work. Others are suffering from lowered incomes. Retail businesses are failing or barely making it. And we are already 45 days into the new administration. Well, folks. Here is common sense. It took 8 years to get us into this mess. Overnight seems like too much to ask to get out of it. I believe the most important thing to do now is to take responsibility for the things we can do on our own and quit grousing about the government not turning things around overnight. We need to pay ATTENTION! Our spending, where and how much, is something we can control. How much help we give to others is something we can control. Supporting any, and I mean any, effort to improve the condition of the country is welcome. If I don't agree with the method, then I can come up with my own method of helping the country. DOING NOTHING BUT COMPLAIN IS NO LONGER AN OPTION.

Thanks for listening.

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