Monday, November 15, 2010

More of the other


Isn't it amazing that Eddie Murphy only seems to make money in movies when he is making an a-- of himself?

How in the world does Julianne Moore do it? Sometimes she seems to have a perfect taste in fashion but this week she's worst dressed on the Fashion Police.

I saw a pic of Ke$ha in a bikini. Paris Hilton and she could vie for having the least behind.

I also find it amazing that people want to buy clothing from a company called Rag and Bone. I suppose you must be boney to wear their rags.

Nick got engaged. Then Jessica got engaged. Anyone surprised?

Saw a man in shorts, a T shirt and deck shoes at a shopping center today. It's in the 50's and rainy. Go figure. A woman was likewise dressed in a sweater, jeans, a jacket, and flip flops. I am lost.

Being a regular person, I want to know how Christina Aguilera gets her hair that white without it falling out. And Gwen Stefani.

I am still wondering what the point of open toe boots is.

More later.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The other side.

When will there be realism in the celebrity world? When will some one stand up and say the things that some of us are thinking?

Tom Cruise acted like an idiot about Katie, especially on Oprah.

Mel Gibson has acted like an idiot so many times he must qualify for an insanity defense.

Charlie Sheen needs help. But he is really funny.

I have decided not to continue liking Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson.

Both Tom and Mel are acting weird partly because of their beliefs in religion.

Lindsay Lohan has had some really bad role models. Neither of her parents seem to have a good handle on their own lives. How can they help with hers?

Kate Gosselin has had 2 of her children expelled from school for anger issues. Kate, herself, has had anger issues bad enough to end a marriage. And I am trying to ignore any news about her rather than support her.

The nineteen and counting family does not seem to care much about how much air and food will be around for their great grandchildren. And they are getting good press.

I want to know what happens to all of the clothing worn on carpets since they can only be worn once, sort of like a wedding dress.

It seems obvious to me that Dancing with the (Stars?) should be the Dancing is optional Popularity Show. I am not going to watch it any more.

Some of us don't like Conan OBrien

Why are Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch referred to as "still" beautiful?

In what universe are the Kardasians important enough for the front page of anything? Why?

Has "reality" television gone too far? I am having a hard time finding an intelligent person on any of the shows. One show has brides throwing fits fit for a small child's tantrum and then the men still marry them. Huh?

Why is it important to ask the name of the designer of an ugly dress?

It's true that I am in an irritable mood right now. But I plan to try stating some more facts that have come to me in future posts.