Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Vanessa Hudgens seems to have really changed since her breakup. She's wearing more revealing things and showing a whole different side of herself. The outside.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kiera and Vanessa

Comments on the fashion.
Kiera, the dress is such a bland color she looks like a tan blob. And why have open shoulders and a closed neckline and ruffles? I think this one is a hot mess.

Vanessa, the outfit looks like nightie and robe. Nuff said.

You want Vintage

For those of the younger generation who really love vintage. The Source.

A sense of humor

Some people don't have a sense of humor. Some do. I think I have found some who do. The first group is from a fashion show in Australia. The second, I don't know. But the outfits are certainly unusual.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm tired

I am tired of Sex and The City. I was bored and couldn't get through a whole episode.

But what really has me going is that the Brad and Jennifer marriage ended so long ago and the only people who seem to want to keep it alive are the press. I'm still hearing Angie this and Jen that. I think it's all a bunch of whooey. It would be nice if the celeb writers could find newer stuff.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


If celebs don't want nude pics of themselves spread around why do they allow nude pics to be taken? Just sayin.


I am really surprised that Carolina Herrera would put a dress on a model that looks like it doesn't fit. I'm not sure if the cut or the model is the problem.

Next idiot

Michael Lohan did a Chris Brown did a Mel Gibson. And he seems like a bigger idiot than they do because so far he has shown NO redeeming factors.

Elizabeth Taylor has died.

I am so sad.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm so excited

We have a new idiot today. Chris Brown has stated that the Rihanna thing is behind him. Well, today he proved that he can still have a temper tantrum.

Monday, March 21, 2011


My opinion of the legs on the models in these pics is that they are too thin and truly shapeless. The designers made a move(short lived) to stay away from models that are so thin as to inspire anorexia. But there they are. I wonder what happens to models and just regular girls who diet to stay not just thin but skinny. I so believe they are causing damage to their bodies. Or am I just jealous?

Now I understand

Now I understand why Ke$ha wears all of those freaked out clothes. Something to hide?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Kim Kardashian blows her cover

I usually love Anna Sui

I usually love Anna Sui. First about this collection I notice that a lot of gray and black start it out. And the first outfit, a suit with shorts, looks like a costume to me and not like something really wearable.

The second outfit with shorts brings up another thing I don't understand. I think of mixed seasons when I see this sort of thing. Boots with the toes cut out. Sandals that bare the feet but cover the ankle. Sweaters with short shorts. Short shorts with boots. I am finding really mixed messages in this not to mention the fact that I, personally, think it's ugly.

Number three on my list of Anna's errors is the mixed color and pattern. I do think some may be pleasing to the eye. This one isn't.

Orange sundress over green sweater. I'm sorry, but I think it makes both pieces look ugly.

Really cute green sundresses are hard to find. This is a really cute green sundress, with terribly ugly knee socks.

This shorts outfit with man socks makes that gorgeous model look fat and frumpy. I can do that a lot cheaper.

I usually love Anna Sui. But not Spring 2011.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This was the week that was

Taylor Momsen continues to impress people with her style-devil doll.
Charlie(the Tiger) Sheen wants? a cooking show?
That Jersey Shore guy tried to tell Trump jokes and became one himself.
Lindsay Lohan in court again, new dress, same old smile, same old attitude.
Christina Aguilera seems to be drinking her troubles away, or trying to.
The last but not the least- Britney wanted to be a lawyer, not always need one.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I know they don't look alike

I know they don't look alike but not all idiots do.

Little girls in mom's clothes

I am amazed at how much fabric is in use in the spring collections. The white dress looks like a size 12 on a size 4 figure. The tent dress, while beautiful fabric, looks as if I could wear it. The blue pants have lots of extra fabric where many women have lots of extra. And the green sheet has been gathered on a skinny girl with a pretty good looking belt. I'll bet you could clothe a whole family in all that fabric.

In what world?

Hello. Charlie Sheen has made it to the Hall of Fame. He's a winner in my book. After all the idiotic things he's done, he is a firm inductee to the idiots Hall of Fame. He thinks he should have suck ups from Jon Cryer after putting the guy out of work and gloating about it. He thinks he needs a new house right around the corner from his already beautiful one. Maybe room for more women cause I don't think any judge in their right mind would give him custody of a dog, much less a child. He thinks he can go on tube rants and when the outcome sucks he can say, "I didn't mean it." What a rube.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ahhhhhhh, Spring

At Blumarine, Anna Molinari has posted s collection that finally made me smile. She used a lot of tie-dye. But it was used with a big smile and lots of fun. I think the collection was probably fun to design and it will certainly be fun for women to wear. I don't envy the models their figures in the clothes because I think they are way too thin. But I do think many of the outfits could be translated to larger sizes and still be terrific looking. Happy Spring.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Saint Laurent

Always when I look at the collections by the best known design houses I expect to see several themes. This one is no exception. However I am surprised that 2 of the three photos show garments that might only look good, if that, on the models wearing them. The garments have a large amount of extra fabric which if worn by an average size woman would add many pounds to her appearance. I am glad I am not restricted to totally overpriced and underpretty clothes. I have noticed in the fashion world, on the red carpets, and especially on brides that the latest trends include clumped together fabrics, odd drapings, lopsided garments, and layers of fabric. None of these things appeal to me. I prefer to be able to see a woman's body in her clothes. Otherwise it appears that the clothes are using her as a coathanger. Not an attractive look in my opinion.

The other thing I mention about the designs is that there seems to be an extra strip of fabric at the bottoms of the shorts shown. Ha. A pair of scissors and that can be worn by anyone.

The Spring fashions are interesting to see. Not to buy.