Sunday, March 15, 2009


Louis Vuitton has been a go to fashion icon for as long as I can remember. And now with Marc Jacobs at the helm it has become an imitation of Vivienne Westwood, Betsey Johnson, Gianni Versace, and Christian LaCroix. I am astonished that the somewhat conservative label now shows full frontal breasts, hats that soar skyward, bows in odd places, and garments which do not seem tailored as much as straight off Project Runway. And of course, when I look to fashion shows for inspiration, nude faced models teetering in hugely high heels don't make my list. The fact that models are not just thin but that many actually have the bodies of very young boys is distressing to a fashion lover who wants to look like a woman. I suppose showing breasts is not a big deal if you haven't any. I used to look at models and want to be one. Hasn't everyone at one time? But now I look at models and think about the way they look and what they are wearing and I think I have better looking coathangers.

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