Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello old friend

It is almost Easter. I used to get a new outfit every Easter. Usually it was an Easter dress with shoes and accessories. I have included in this post pics of dresses from the ridiculous to the ridiculous. Having recently watched some Science Fiction movies, I think some of the garments would have been perfect, such as the red dress. The dress on Rosie would be perfect for a homeless movie. Eva's dress just doesn't fit. Paris' dress would again be SCIFI worthy. As for the others, I am just not sure what they are perfect for. And thanks for allowing me to worry out loud about the state of the dress.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's a date

Judging only from the wonderful fashion sense shown in the pics, which of the lovelies would you wish to have a date with? Any of the girls appeal?

shoes +

Having invited the viewer to look at statement footwear, etc, I am now issuing an invitation to view footwear + in my comfort level.

shooz +

I notice often that the models walk around on their tiptoes in the shoes which are being shown on the runway. I have absolutely nothing against a good looking stilleto on a great pair of legs. However, many of the models on the runways don't have great legs. Their legs are so thin as to have no shape at all. I am sure many young women aspire to this look. I, however, prefer modicum of shape. That does not include bone shape. Anyway, designers in all countries seem to have jumped on the bandwagon of designing outrageous shoes. We see them in magazines, on red carpet attendees, and on celebs in the rag mags. We see some of the most outrageous shapes on the young women who are trying to make personal statements. About what I don't know. But I have included some of the latest in wearable????? statement wear. I also include handbags in statement wear. But I don't have the nerve to go there. Please enjoy the parade and be glad walking is optional.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just started. Now a break.

I have read that stress is hard on people my age. So I am taking a break to do family stuff. Back Monday.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Joop's Wunderkind

Oh My!!!!!

My oh My

I am really confused by MiuMiu now. Is it summer with winter clothes? Is it swimsuit season with wool and fur coverups? Is the fur there for a reason? Tell me now or forever hold your peace.

Oh my!!!!!!!!!

I am so pleased to announce that MiuMiu is now creating garments for one side of the body only. EX..... the model on the right. Full front in wool, very small bra or bathing suit in the back. For Fall. When it gets cold. Unbelievable.

Carried away and dumped

John Galiano Fall Collection. I am stunned by the whole collection. These garments do not seem at all wearable. They do, however, seem like the most artistic group of fashions I have ever seen. Art!!!!!!!!!!!

carried farther away

John Galiano for Dior day dresses. One adds inches to your hips.(John has no hips) The other sports a gardening apron. This is the bad, the good, and the HUH?

carried away some more

John Galiano for Dior as an artist. Very feminine and beautiful.

I really got carried away

There will be several additions for this blog. John Galiano for Dior. The first group carries my label "How do I sit down?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New day

.....I love this folks. Last year the word was no shoulder pads. They are too likely to harken back to the 70's and the Dynasty era. The body is important and the pads distort the body. So now, Givenchy uses such exaggerated shoulder pads that line of sight is interrupted. Don't drive in this outfit folks.
.....Armani Prive has given us more shoulder, more pleats, more fabric, and less color. I can only imaging what that outfit would look like on a woman with a weight problem.
.....And Last, not least, Gaultier Paris gives the world shoulder pads and weird, in spades.


Please check out this blog for new fashions from Britain with the ever changing and awe inspiring Tilda Swinton. They will blow you away.

Short and ???Sweet???

Beyonce-why would you wear a dress that makes your hip region look even larger than it already is?

Katie-why would you show off a new hairdo with an outfit that is so off?

Fergie-what did you do? Stop doing it. It isn't working.