Thursday, February 9, 2012

You decide

Role model? Appropriate role model? You decide.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jeans, Jeans and more

After going  on and on about jeans, denim, etc. I found more oddities to focus on. The left hand pic, of you know who, features a look that MSN style said we need to get rid of. I didn't say it first. They did. And oh, the rebellion of it all. Hair bands loved acid wash, slashed, really tight jeans. Well guess what! Everything old is new again. Except not in acid wash. And to the right is the requisite dangling pocket. I found it on the list of MSN's least favorites too. In this case, with winter boots. Weird.

To the left now we find another of the MSN no no list. The jeans that are cut so low the majority of the front is exposed. I'm thinking the back is probably the same way. This is just another way to be mostly naked and I think the idea is to make yourself look sexy. I always thought it a good idea to keep some things for intimate moments. But then I have never made and marketed a sex tape.
The final pic is of a new pair of something. It is denim. There is a slight resemblance to jeans. And I just don't know what they are for if not to advertise. Maybe they are part of a bikini. If not, I'm just not sure what to do with them. It would be necessary to sit very carefully so as not to expose private things.

I have nothing against jeans. I wish I were built to fit well into jeans. I wish I were young enough to wear them all the time. But I'm still trying to be a little classy. A little elegant. I've seen many outfits with jeans that are classy and elegant. But I have never seen the things in the pics here looking anything but classless. I'll admit that this is totally my idea. I'll admit that I'm put off by the need of some young women to show their private parts to the public. I'll admit I am somewhat behind the times but this is what I see and I'm not sure the world is ready for so much frankness. It is hard to understand why men assault women and I know sexual assaults are not about sex. But when the manner of dress becomes blatant in its attempt to attract, I see a mixed message. Ogle me, drool a bit, fantasize, and respect me as a woman.

This may offend some folks. I'm sorry. I have granddaughters who see this stuff. I see in the news that sexual assaults are on the rise. I worry.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Does anyone remember

 Does anyone remember the day when these things would have been thrown away? Worn out clothing used to be tossed. Into the trash. Not even good enough for goodwill. Now there is this and designers are doing it too. Of course I am all for recycling. I love the idea of making clothes into different items and extending their use. I have seen t-shirts made into vests, scarves, and even tote bags. BUT, I am not accustomed to seeing things made to look even older, more worn out, and to my eye, unusable. The t-shirt on the lefty doubtless started as a regular t-shirt. Add a razor blade. Voila! you have a shirt that is the next best thing to being unclothed. I'm not sure for the reason but I have seen sweatshirts which used to be to stay warm in, now cut up to the bottom of the bustline. For exercise? I do have my own opinion. And I will admit that the t-shirt to the left is probably greatly cooler than an average shirt. And I do mean weatherwise.

 Since the days of the big hair bands the youngsters have played with jeans, cutting them and making fringes. Of course then the jeans usually at least flirted with being waist high. But now I saw a designer selling cut up jeans on tv to an audience of grown women. I still consider them to be for the very young. And I hate the idea of sticking my foot into my pants and having my toes catch on the cuts. It's a weird world when buying new jeans means buying jeans that have been made to look old and worn out.

The same goes for the shorts. On pinterest there were several pics of jeans that had been cropped up to the inseam and decorated with studs. Pockets hanging out, and butt cheeks hanging out. And riding so low that according to the size of the wearer, the belly and love handles hanging out.
I saw a blog that mentioned the rules of fashion; white shoes before labor day, etc. Well, the more I look at the things on pinterest, on the blogs, in the magazines, and on the streets, the more convinced I am that There are absolutely no rules to fashion. None. There is only an age divide, a size divide, and a lifestyle divide.