Thursday, November 26, 2009

Veronica Webb

What can I say. Veronica is an unusual woman. For a while she was on a style show with The Tim Gunn. No more. This outfit may be part of the problem. First, the headwrap. No. Then the very voluminous top. She has an awe inspiring figure. But not here. Then there the teenage ripped jeans. On an older woman who should know better. And if that weren't enough, she went outside that way and even allowed herself to be photographed in them. Shame!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

more trash

Yes, that is what I said. Trash. Taylor Momsen is a whopping 17 at the most. She has a cute figure, and a good smile. And she has the very worst taste in clothes ever. T shirts without pants, granny dresses, and now makeup that couldn't look good on anyone. Obviously the girl doesn't know about stylists but she certainly needs one. She has said she feels older than her age. With this look she is around 40. I am glad I'm not her mother.

I am back

I still cannot figure out why this pair is in magazines, on tv, or even spoken of but I must say that they do represent the worst of bad couture. Maybe the people they appeal to like athletic shoes and velvet jackets, really ugly legwear and stupid shoes, coats that look better on the original owners, and a mish-mash of styles worn all at once. I personally thing this whole dressing thing undermines the credibility of a person when it is done so poorly. I mean, why would I give credence to the utterances of a person who cannot dress themselves?