Tuesday, March 26, 2013

There's slim and then there's slim

Versions of Slim. And I can't get with any of them.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Really? I mean Really?

 The outfits shown in this blog are from designers. I don't know their names because I got the pics from pinterest. But not knowing their names makes me less inclined to say nasty things about them as designers. I shall instead say nasty things about the so called designs.

At left. Sew a black sheet to a flowered duvet and hang it on a person. I like the print just fine. But that black thing coming from the front looks like an oversized sleeve in a way. I guess you get into it by pulling it over your head. But I wonder how you know you are wearing it rightl.
 Half an outfit is better than none isn't it. Mullet clothing can be taken to extremes as seen here. I've been sitting here wondering what to say about this mess. Still wondering.
 Quick, hide me. Not a problem. I'll just put on some of granddad's things and put a scarf on wrong. Nobody will notice, right?
 When I was growing up my Mom taught me how to wear a coat. This wasn't the way.
 Hey look. I made 5 men's shirts into one. And a really ugly one at that.
I'm sad. So sad. I couldn't find any sackcloth and ashes but this will do.

Designers. Why do you want us to look like idiots?

Monday, March 18, 2013


 Macademian Girl

I love the wonderful colors of her outfit. i wish I could make myself wear them but you know, I'd feel really weird. I just can't mix patterns that well.
 Simple. A bit Chanel. A bit boho. I'm loving the combination. But I can't wear jeans. My belly doesn't look even ok in them.
This would be my choice to do a boho look. After all, I can't grow out of it.
This is a pic of a designer from Denmark I believe. Because the designer took the risk to combine the colors and patterns, I would wear this sort of thing as a tunic with some plain colored pants. For instance, the yellow circle dress would make a great tunic and would be a mix I'd love.

This post is about fashion. What I see on the internet, in magazines, on TV, and here in the wonderful East Tennessee area. I'm constantly trying to imagine things I see as being wearable for me. You sometimes I could make it work. I would like to be good at mixing patterns in my own clothing but alas, I stink at it. But I have some scissors and a sewing machine. I really want to come up with something with this vibe.

With Spring arriving soon, I hope we all have a reason to smile at the sun.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why? Really!

I have no idea who this person is. I've been saddled with oversized mammaries since the 6th grade. And they were no smaller than that. I hated them. It was hard to find a bra that didn't hurt. It was hard to find a sweater or blouse that wasn't too tight. And dresses were never right. If they fit on top, the bottom was too large. The whole thing was a bummer.
 This is a person who many people consider beautiful. I wonder if she realizes that those pants make her look the size of Manhattan Island. Oh yes, pregnancy made me grow. But you wouldn't have found such an idiotic outfit on me. Tighter is not better.
 I'd say the plastic surgeon did his job. He stashed huge saline bags in there. They look real don't they?
We are treated to yet another ridiculous outfit stretched over ever growing girth. 
 I'm amazed at this. She used to be so cute. Now the bottom has grown, the top has grown, and the middle has grown. I'm not saying she isn't still cute. But it's a really different sort of cute. I say that these ladies have joined the ranks of those of us who are too big for comfort. I've tried to rationalize the weight I'm carrying around. I hate it. But I think I hate exercise. Both. If these famous persons are willing to go around looking like this, why the hell am I so down on myself? I have fought this battle in my mind for the majority of my life. Time to rethink my strategy.