Monday, March 9, 2009


Posh is coming, no the SS is coming, no A military junta has failed. Who else would wear an obviously military look with a purse of paillettes. Otherwise known as giant sequins. Posh is so welcoming to the press.

The Hippies are coming. No an undernourished Courtney Love is coming. With flowers. I used to think she looked awful. Then I thought she looked fashionable, then awful again, now skinny and awful. Maybe, like Madonna, she is reinventing herself.

Amber Rose- Kanye West's girlfriend. When I first saw her I thought she looked scary. Then I read that someone said she is a model. Then someone else said a lady of the night. Now I think she looks like a scary model and lady of the night.

It is good to see Brad Pitt. I could let it go at that. But it is good to see Brad Pitt working toward the rebuilding of New Orleans. When an actor throws his support behind a project, the project moves forward more quickly. When fema does this, on the other hand, the project sits. And sits. And sits..............

Chris Brown- went to court. Put off the bad news. Needs major help. As does Rihanna.

Tony Romo- didn't help Dallas much this year. Too bad. Too bad.

I miss Burt Reynolds. We need Smokey and the Bandit back.

Tori Spelling still doesn't get on with her Mom. Too bad. They look alike. Too bad.

Now, who is David Carradine again? Oh yes, in a movie with Uma Thurman. I almost missed him. I was always looking at her being beautiful.

Rachel Ray? I still don't get it.

Matt Damon. Hoo Hah! An action star. And he did such a good job.

Donald Trump. Many women fall for money, and evidently ignore bad hair. But he really did something right besides make money....Ivanka

Gwen Stefani getting together with her group again? Why? You can hire a personal trainer. You don't have to perform to lose weight.

I love Bette Midler. Not just for her voice. Her work to brighten New York is inspiring.

There are some real idiots in the Biz. And some good folks. I will mention both.

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  1. I must admit, I like almost everything Posh spice wears. If I had her money and figure, I would have fun with fashion, too!