Sunday, May 31, 2009

And Betsey Johnson is Queen

I love Betsey Johnson. I am not in any shape to wear any of the clothes she designs. I would look dumb in them even if I were totally slim and in shape. But Betsey makes me smile. She is upbeat, funny, and totally out there in her attitude. I see her as a force for happiness in the world. Betsey makes money. Can't fault her for that. Her shows are just that, shows. People go and watch the models and I am willing to bet they come out smiling even if there is not one thing they can wear. The attitude of joy and enjoyment is all pervasive. And I, for one, appreciate the eye candy she produces. Hip hip hooray for Betsey.

I love this dress

Why not?

I have just written a blog about women in music who are wearing costumes for performances and in real life. Of course I left out Madonna. Can't figure out what she wears ever. As I viewed the blog, I noticed the previous post. John Galiano's spring RTW would make great costumes for the gals.


I am amazed that the music industry is not talking out loud about the new trend in costume evidenced by Katie Perry and Gaga. Of course after the hair bands of the 80's and particularly the make up wearing bands,this has been common. But I have noticed that it has changed sexes. Now Christina, Avril, Britney, and the two aforementioned warblers are sporting costume both for performance and in daily life. Pink has been somewhat trendy to this end. The clothes worn by Beyonce seem like costumes often because she mixes so many designer duds. So in the 80's, Kiss and the rest of the bands liked to look different than usual. Now Gwen Stefani and her group of groupies gives us the costume thing. I guess it was inevitable.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

John Galiano

This is John Galiano's idea of Spring Ready to Wear. I love the bold color and the black/red mix is fabulous. Of course we are supposed to ignore the hats. At least I think so. If we do ignore the hats, the clothes are actually wearable. That is something of a feat for Galiano. I am especially taken with the little red dress. My only question is, what am I supposed to sell to get it? The house, my car? Anyway, wearable is good. That red suit would be a terrifically wearable piece when broken up also. Good for John.

Paris, being visible

Everywhere you look there is Paris. I have a few questions.

1.Why do the majority of her outfits look extremely fancy, sequinned, studded, etc. Does she always get photographed going to big events or does she just always dress that way in case there is a camera present?

2.Why does she stick out her nonexistent front when she poses?

3.Why does she think those weird strappy boot things look good on size 11 feet? The rest of the outfit wasn't bad. Those shoes looked ridiculous with it.

4.Why does she seem to try to look sexy when she has a guy at present?

5.Who told her that the headband look is good on her?

6.Why would she or anyone else wear that purple thing?

7.Why won't she go away?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Terribly appropriate.

Is it terribly appropriate that Mel Gibson compares himself to octomom. He is expecting his 8th child. Actually yes it is appropriate. Octomom has a screw loose in my view and Mel does too, or is it a loose screw. Pardon my bad language. I know the celebs are just people and are subject to the same foibles as everyone else. However, the people I know would be laughed out of town if they tried the stuff Mel has. He drinks too much. This is a man who doesn't just drink too much but does it in public places and then gets belligerent when he is called on it.

I loved Mel so this is hard for me. He professes to be a staunch old-time Catholic. He told the world his wife wouldn't make it to heaven because she was Lutheran. But I don't remember anywhere in Catholic Catechism that you can have an affair and father a child out of wedlock and still expect to get to heaven. Not only that, he does seem to make a big deal of it. This is a non-politically-correct behavior.

When he was addled by booze he made a bold anti-semitic statement. Not politically correct.

Then there is the movie about the Passion of the Christ. I'm not sure about the Catholic stand on the movie, but I found it to be Not Politically Correct.

Mel now wants to have his Catholic marriage annulled to marry his mistress. That would leave his marriage to Robin null and the children by her would be fatherless. To do that he must prove that either he or Robin had no intention to be in the marriage. 7 Kids and no intention to be in the marriage. Not Politically Correct and if anyone in their right mind can show me how this makes sense, let me know. If I were one of his kids, I would be embarrassed.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fergie carries it

Fergie carries her whip over her shoulder. Oh, is that hair? My bad.........

I still don't

I still don't understand what SJP was thinking with this ridiculous outfit and the truly awful neon red shoes. I'm so glad that weird stuff is not in my clost.


Evidently Eva missed out on the good taste learning module in model school.

Monday, May 25, 2009


There are those who like curvy women. There are those who like big butts. There are those who think bigger boobs is better. I am speaking of both male and female here. Women spend countless dollars on the latest make-up, skin care, hair products and surgical procedures just to look young, tight, busty, and beautiful. But I have a problem with this.

I see photos of women who look super without any enhancements and they are among the ones spending money to change. I see Angelina Jolie, Robin Wright Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, and many others who manage to look terrific without enhancements. Some women just don't do it. Flat chested women actually most resemble the models that walk the catwalk. They fit the designer clothes the best. They don't need to add to the bustline.

Then there are women who are naturally larger in the butt. They, on the other hand seem to delight in showing their obvious assets. They wear the tightest things they can find and pose with the bum pushed out to there.

Women who are muscular sometimes wear cutesy little dresses. Women who are overweight often cram themselves into tiny frocks thinking they look sexy instead of crammed. Women who are slim starve themselves. Those who are naturally heavy don't.

I must admit to some confusion and some conclusions. The first is---It is a good thing that people differ in the things they appreciate concerning the figure. Some men like the bust, others butt, others muscle, etc. And the second, there are a lot of women out there who are determined to dress not their figure, but someone else's. Someone the wish they look like. So the next time I see a celeb dressed in too tight, too floppy, too girlish, etc. I will try to remember that that is probably how they wish they were.

The female equivalent.

I am beginning to think this pant look is the female equivalent of the low crotch, pants falling down look that Kevin F wears. Both look really dumb.

Well hello!

I don't have a clue who this person is. The pics were taken at Cannes. Is there something about France that makes people OK with showing their underpants?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here you have it

These are 2 young ladies with good(great?) voices and absolutely no sense of style, no sense about their bodies, and seemingly no interest in looking like entertainers.

Grey, Gray?

I always thought gray was boring. Boy was I wrong!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's AmazingWhat MusicDoesToClothes

This Woman Rocks

The Age of Costume

I am not sure if the costumes seen above speak more to the age we are living in or to the ages of the wearers. For sure we must think mental age. The costumes are not movie costumes to the best of my knowledge. But they are ridiculous outfits to wear in public no matter what the reason.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Too much

Leighton Meester puts her shirt on half-way. Is her shoulder sore, is she trying to start a trend, is it supposed to be sexy? Who knows?

Poor Rachel is the latest in my list of pumpkin heads. Too much fake tan always shows.

I am sorry to read and hear about the awful things that have happened to Farrah. She seems to have grown right before our eyes into a brave woman, something some of us never knew. I am hoping for the best for her and for Patrick Swayze.

Michele Obama has emerged as a woman of her own. Her bare arms were criticized by some of the more conservative fashion folks, mostly those who think the only way a woman can look good is standing behind a man. I feel sorry for women who cannot weild their own power and become their individual selves. Hurray for Michele.

I am tired of the rag mags and tabloid shows vilifying some while trying to deify others. Jennifer Anniston is just an actress, not America's sweetheart. Angie, on the other hand, is an avatar for changing the world for the better. Yet the mags try to make her into a bad person because Brad fell in love with her. She is a woman with all of the foibles of any other. He is a man who left a wife to be with someone else. Who is the villain. Why pick on Angie. Brad is the one who left. Never have been able to figure out the answer. And I still can't figure out why it's still important. Didn't Michael Douglas leave Deandra without going through all of this crap? And what about Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, and now Mel Gibson. Sure, the person left behind is sad and probably so is the one leaving. But where are the stories about how awful are the women they have moved on to? Seems like a rag mag conspiracy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Marriage must be growing on Mariah Carey or else she is growing into it. Whatever, she is certainly growing-------out of her clothes.

Eva Mendes

I love the dress, etc Miss Mendes is wearing. But I still think she's not a pretty woman.

Claire Danes

There is a new elegance to Claire Danes. Being engaged must be good for her. She looks wonderful.

Julianne, tsk tsk

I have looked and looked and stared and stared at this photo and I can think of no reason anyone would allow their picture to be made in this horrific outfit which not even a grandmother would wear. Why would a perfectly beautiful redhead hide her hair in a bun, her body in really poor fitting clothes and her light under a bushel. Penance for some wrong doing. I personally think sackcloth and ashes would look better.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively is a very pretty tall girl who has chosen a dress that does her no favors. She almost looks like a pretty young girl trying to appear matronly. It is sad that she chose to put her hair up with this dress because having it down is the one thing that might have made the dress work for her.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Rihanna wanted to wear the boots to the Met Gala. She didn't do it. Why, oh why, couldn't she see how stupid they look on Madonna and take a hint? Anyway, I think Rihanna has decided to do a personality shift. Into Grace Jones.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


This is some good stuff. A really young, cute outfit. Bravo

She's Everywhere

Paris is fabulously wealthy. So why the strange poses, the odd outfits and and need to be escorted by the current BF? There seems to be something missing here. As an actress, there were no really good performances. As a singer, I think the outcome was worse. With fashion designing, not much has been heard. The cologne, though, is pretty good. So Paris wears lots of different clothes, buys even more than she wears, and leads with those size 11s into every photo op there is. Why does the public still care. At first I thought she was cute. That has worn off in a big way. Now I think she is irritating. And pretty free with herself. Best friends must be hard to come by since she had to get a tv show to get one and couldn't even keep that one. Let's let this one go back to obscurity where she belongs.


I've heard and read news about Tori's weight loss. I think she looks good. The only problem I see is that she looks like her mother.

Going wrong

Don't you just love it when so-called fashion Icons go terribly, hideously wrong. The fashion designers are all about getting their goods onto celebs so non-celebs can see them and want them. With Gwyneth Paltrow, for instance, the dress is quite pretty in spite of it's costumey nature. Now, picture the dress with a pair of shoes instead of boots. Think of a pair of shoes that are as dressy as the dress. Wouldn't that be lovely. At least she didn't wear combat boots. I am all for them in the right circumstances. But combat boots on a red carpet just don't do it for me.

Now there is the example of the former Victoria Beckham and the current Victoria Beckham. This woman loves fashion. That is obvious to anyone who sees her anywhere. And I don't think this is a bad thing. She seems to have the money to follow her love. However, wearing something just because a designer made it or just because it is so different it stands out is not my idea of fashion. Victoria's pouffy jacket simply looks like a huge grab for attention and it got attention. But I have my doubts that a lot of girls rushed out to buy its knock-off. The Black jacket that Victoria is wearing looks so good on her that it would make lots of girls rush out to buy its clone. That is paying attention to fashion and to one's personal style.

There is a photo of SJP in a dress she could have done without. I don't think she realizes that the newer fashions on an older body can look out of place. The fact is, just about everything she wears is appropriate for a 20 year old. However, SJP could probably pull off the looks if she didn't 1.make the looks so severe. 2.wear everything to show off stilettos which no longer to good things for her legs. When a woman ages, marks on the skin become more obvious. Shadows deepen. Leg make-up becomes a good option. And of course not running around with a pumpkinhead might help.

Christina Aguilera has loved motherhood according to the rag mags. But the costume, yes costume, she is wearing in the attached pic looks more like she wants to return to sometime in her teen years. This woman has the voice of an angel and can sometimes look like one. I would love to see her become more sophisticated and less sloppy.

At one point, Hilary Duff had it all. She had slimmed and gotten a lot of polish to her wardrobe. I find nothing wrong with the obvious fact that she has put on a few pounds. But why couldn't she take a hint from the rag mags about that weight gain. When Jessica Simpson put on pounds, the thing that causes the furor was not so much the weight gain but that it was smooshed into clothing appropriate for a slimmer person. The Dress that Hilary is wearing in the photo with her boyfriend looks ill fitting and appropriate for a slimmer person. The hair isn't so good and the dress color is awful on her. She is a pretty, talented girl. With no fashion sense.