Sunday, March 8, 2009


Miranda Kerr- Sports Illustrated model. This is an illustration. Maybe it illustrates what the other pictured persona need to see. I know it illustrates that Sports Illustrated needs to keep publishing the swimsuit edition. My fella smiles for months after it comes out.

Amy Winehouse-ostensible singer. Carries her own birdsnest on her head. Seriously, she does look healthier. Nuff said.

Sarah Michelle Gellar- I have always thought she is really cute. Now she comes out looking like my Grandma only younger. When you are young and cute, dress the part!!

Britney Spears- She has an odd idea about what is child friendly. And about what is attractive and sexy.

Pamela Anderson- Shows her age. And the Betsey Johnson presentation makes me want to throw up. What were they trying to show, the red glob of fabric, the crinoline, the ass?

Paris Hilton- A photo was taken of her with a guy's tongue sticking into her mouth. It was sincerely gross. I don't know how her sister can stand her. At least Nicky seems to have a little cool. Paris, it seems, has none.

Catherine Zeta Jones- You don't see much of her anymore. And when you do, there is much more of her to see.

Kirstie Alley- Speaking of more to see, I see that she has regained the weight. I am sorry about that. I truly don't believe that she lost as much as she said she did. But nonetheless, I know the feelings of failure she must have. Been there, done that. I do instant replays a lot. There isn't much that is more painful than fighting your own body and losing. What a bummer.

Julia Roberts- Has a movie out and is out of hiding for the time being. The rags are saying she is no longer box office queen. Where have they been hiding? There is a new box office queen every time certain celebs put out a new movie. Julia seems to be more worried about keeping a good marriage. Get off it!!!!!

Michael Douglas- I have asked before. What is the male word for cougar?

Taylor Swift is on CSI for one episode. Lets give her a hand for all the things she does. I have tried to write a song. Ha!

Jennifer Love Hewitt takes a lot of hits from the rags. Why?

Lara Spencer is always thin and gorgeous. How?

Rihanna seems to be back with Chris Brown. Why?

Michael Jackson is going to sing again. Who cares?

Is there a question on your mind? Shout it out. I have always loved to hear the common sense crowd speak up.

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  1. Britney has an odd idea about everything.

    Rihanna: They say most battered women go back to their offenders, so I'm not all that surprised to hear they're back together. Odds are it will happen again.