Friday, March 13, 2009

Katie Holmes has tried so hard to be Victoria Beckham. But judging by her latest pics, she has given up. She so badly needs another mentor.

Pink in Red. Of the nerve, wearing a sweater that makes huge hips from slim ones.

Tilda and Kate- 2 fabulous dames at the top of their games.

I believe I prefer America Ferrera's arm candy to Katie's. At least they are capable of interaction without reserve.

Mandy Moore got married. She is one of the "celebs" you don't hear much from. There is a quiz on one of the mag sites about whose marriage is the bigger surprise. I am surprised she was dating. Though she has certainly had time. No job.

How come every time I see a Posh pic she is either looking down and walking or posed in that Posh way? She doing anything else? I saw the Posh line of dresses, etc. They are all just like hers. You have to be that thin to wear them well.

Howard Stern arrested for getting drugs for Anna Nicole. Anyone surprised?

I still think Jennifer Lopez is pretty. But at the present she is pretty short on style sense. Something about clothes that don't fit right. Don't worry, she has missed a step, not lost her way.

Jennifer Aniston still loves Brad. Woohoo! So do I, but I don't talk about it.

Nicole Kidman in Nashville. Something I never thought I would see. I am very glad she is happy.

Penelope Cruz is astonishingly beautiful, and you should see her sister.

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