Thursday, May 14, 2009

Too much

Leighton Meester puts her shirt on half-way. Is her shoulder sore, is she trying to start a trend, is it supposed to be sexy? Who knows?

Poor Rachel is the latest in my list of pumpkin heads. Too much fake tan always shows.

I am sorry to read and hear about the awful things that have happened to Farrah. She seems to have grown right before our eyes into a brave woman, something some of us never knew. I am hoping for the best for her and for Patrick Swayze.

Michele Obama has emerged as a woman of her own. Her bare arms were criticized by some of the more conservative fashion folks, mostly those who think the only way a woman can look good is standing behind a man. I feel sorry for women who cannot weild their own power and become their individual selves. Hurray for Michele.

I am tired of the rag mags and tabloid shows vilifying some while trying to deify others. Jennifer Anniston is just an actress, not America's sweetheart. Angie, on the other hand, is an avatar for changing the world for the better. Yet the mags try to make her into a bad person because Brad fell in love with her. She is a woman with all of the foibles of any other. He is a man who left a wife to be with someone else. Who is the villain. Why pick on Angie. Brad is the one who left. Never have been able to figure out the answer. And I still can't figure out why it's still important. Didn't Michael Douglas leave Deandra without going through all of this crap? And what about Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, and now Mel Gibson. Sure, the person left behind is sad and probably so is the one leaving. But where are the stories about how awful are the women they have moved on to? Seems like a rag mag conspiracy.

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