Thursday, May 7, 2009

She's Everywhere

Paris is fabulously wealthy. So why the strange poses, the odd outfits and and need to be escorted by the current BF? There seems to be something missing here. As an actress, there were no really good performances. As a singer, I think the outcome was worse. With fashion designing, not much has been heard. The cologne, though, is pretty good. So Paris wears lots of different clothes, buys even more than she wears, and leads with those size 11s into every photo op there is. Why does the public still care. At first I thought she was cute. That has worn off in a big way. Now I think she is irritating. And pretty free with herself. Best friends must be hard to come by since she had to get a tv show to get one and couldn't even keep that one. Let's let this one go back to obscurity where she belongs.

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