Friday, May 29, 2009

Terribly appropriate.

Is it terribly appropriate that Mel Gibson compares himself to octomom. He is expecting his 8th child. Actually yes it is appropriate. Octomom has a screw loose in my view and Mel does too, or is it a loose screw. Pardon my bad language. I know the celebs are just people and are subject to the same foibles as everyone else. However, the people I know would be laughed out of town if they tried the stuff Mel has. He drinks too much. This is a man who doesn't just drink too much but does it in public places and then gets belligerent when he is called on it.

I loved Mel so this is hard for me. He professes to be a staunch old-time Catholic. He told the world his wife wouldn't make it to heaven because she was Lutheran. But I don't remember anywhere in Catholic Catechism that you can have an affair and father a child out of wedlock and still expect to get to heaven. Not only that, he does seem to make a big deal of it. This is a non-politically-correct behavior.

When he was addled by booze he made a bold anti-semitic statement. Not politically correct.

Then there is the movie about the Passion of the Christ. I'm not sure about the Catholic stand on the movie, but I found it to be Not Politically Correct.

Mel now wants to have his Catholic marriage annulled to marry his mistress. That would leave his marriage to Robin null and the children by her would be fatherless. To do that he must prove that either he or Robin had no intention to be in the marriage. 7 Kids and no intention to be in the marriage. Not Politically Correct and if anyone in their right mind can show me how this makes sense, let me know. If I were one of his kids, I would be embarrassed.

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  1. Yeah...Mel has left me disappointed. I guess he just figures he can go to confession and all is well again. Bah! He has turned out to not only be politically incorrect...but a good bit hypocritical as well. Pity!