Monday, May 4, 2009

Dear Drew

Drew Barrymore has stepped out. There are all sorts of pics in the rag mags and on the internet, and each one shows a new, very new look at her clothing choices. Some old Hollywood glamour is creeping into her style. The Black dress and Reddish shoes are to die for. The pale dress, and the hair, wow. The green dress, not so much. I think it is too long. Imagine it about 10 inches shorter. Could be a keeper. Anyway, I have to comment on the ugly black-etc shoes worn with the green dress. All of the fashion mags I have read say don't cut the leg at the ankle. It shortens the body. These shoes sever the leg at the ankle and foot and makes the whole outfit suck. I hope the designers go back to doing clothing and leave the shoe business alone. They aren't doing it well.

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