Monday, May 25, 2009


There are those who like curvy women. There are those who like big butts. There are those who think bigger boobs is better. I am speaking of both male and female here. Women spend countless dollars on the latest make-up, skin care, hair products and surgical procedures just to look young, tight, busty, and beautiful. But I have a problem with this.

I see photos of women who look super without any enhancements and they are among the ones spending money to change. I see Angelina Jolie, Robin Wright Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, and many others who manage to look terrific without enhancements. Some women just don't do it. Flat chested women actually most resemble the models that walk the catwalk. They fit the designer clothes the best. They don't need to add to the bustline.

Then there are women who are naturally larger in the butt. They, on the other hand seem to delight in showing their obvious assets. They wear the tightest things they can find and pose with the bum pushed out to there.

Women who are muscular sometimes wear cutesy little dresses. Women who are overweight often cram themselves into tiny frocks thinking they look sexy instead of crammed. Women who are slim starve themselves. Those who are naturally heavy don't.

I must admit to some confusion and some conclusions. The first is---It is a good thing that people differ in the things they appreciate concerning the figure. Some men like the bust, others butt, others muscle, etc. And the second, there are a lot of women out there who are determined to dress not their figure, but someone else's. Someone the wish they look like. So the next time I see a celeb dressed in too tight, too floppy, too girlish, etc. I will try to remember that that is probably how they wish they were.

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  1. Good perpective, think you're right! Same with hair! Woman with curls would love to have sleek hair..and the other way around