Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am amazed that the music industry is not talking out loud about the new trend in costume evidenced by Katie Perry and Gaga. Of course after the hair bands of the 80's and particularly the make up wearing bands,this has been common. But I have noticed that it has changed sexes. Now Christina, Avril, Britney, and the two aforementioned warblers are sporting costume both for performance and in daily life. Pink has been somewhat trendy to this end. The clothes worn by Beyonce seem like costumes often because she mixes so many designer duds. So in the 80's, Kiss and the rest of the bands liked to look different than usual. Now Gwen Stefani and her group of groupies gives us the costume thing. I guess it was inevitable.

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  1. Okay...Lady Ga Ga creeps me out for some reason. And Katy Perry gets on my nerves...ha! I read somewhere that she was a Christian singer before she "kissed a girl and liked it"! That's kinda crazy huh?

    And personally...I always thought that if I were ever going to have a music career...I'd make sure that I didn't have to wear any silly costumes or make up. I'd think it would be quite miserable to have to perform in heavy make up and sweltering costumes. But KISS...well they did make costumes and make-up cool back in the day! :o)