Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why, oh Why?

She can star in movies and be considered really cute, etc. Why do girls who could be attractive work so hard to be ugly? Why would anyone wear converse with a pretty dress? Do you suppose she thinks it is cool? Will she get attention? Well here's the answer. Yes she will get attention. People with any cool will wonder why someone who can look nice would choose to look like a dork. And maybe she hasn't noticed but those hideous shoes make her legs look like they have no shape. I will be so glad when the Twilight movies are finished and this one can fade back into the woodwork.


  1. Oh my gosh Judy....don't even get me started on Twilight and Kristen Stewart. First of all, I personally think she is a terrible actress. Unfortunately I am the Mother of a spooky lil' TweenyBopper who is Twilight crazy, along with all the girls in her school. So I can't tell you how sick I am of Twilight. But Stewart's role made that film unbearable for me. She was the most boring lead I've ever had to watch.

    And the converse. I have always hated them, and thanks to Nickolodean's I-Carley and Twilight...I have to endure my daughter wearing these everywhere...UGH! I too will be so glad when the Twilight FADES!

  2. Reminds me of Avril Lavigne