Sunday, June 14, 2009

jumpsuits again

I don't understand about jumpsuits. They are not particularly good looking on anyone. They are in all shapes and sizes, witness one on a pregnant Heidi. However that one just looks like a tent with legs. The denim, on the other hand, looks like a balloon with a belt. Doesn't anyone ever use the potty any more? If they did, they would realize how much of a problem jumpsuits really are.


  1. I can remember my Mom back in the 70's when I was a young girl. Oh how I loved her clingy yet flowing jumpsuits she would wear out to the disco, complete with Candies shoes. She was super thin and I thought they looked fab...but then I was under 10, so what did I know...ha! You wouldn't catch me in one! ;o)

  2. I really don't like this trend! Ugly!
    Would never buy one of those...