Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The I don't get it.

Tom and Rita are always a sight for sore eyes. Especially eyes that have stared at Mischa Barton in her ugly stuff. Seems Mischa lost a show and then lost her way fashion wise. She had been a best dressed icon for quite a while on the show. Then came a raft of scruffy boyfriends and out the window went the fashion sense. Yellow keds. oof.

Now comes a new trend I can't get into. Dresses and swimsuits that look like bandages. Herve Leger does it but his dresses are always stretchy and usually look as if they were painted on. Paris actually looks decent in her white swimsuit. Fergie wore a dress that looked as if the strips of fabric were pinned onto another dress. And Megan Fox. Another cut out strip dress but this time well fitted. Still it makes no sense. Designers seem to have lost focus on what is attractive on women and the women, especially celebs, seem to think the more skin they show the sexier they are.

In my opinion, fashion and sex appeal have not seen eye to eye for a long time.

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