Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's up?

I am wondering about labels today. The Kardashian girls have a couple of reality shows. Does that make them stars? Paris, ditto. Not in my book it doesn't. Spencer Pratt called Audrina Partridge a bad name. They are both in reality shows. Does this make SP a big enough celeb to get away with that sort of bad behavior. The rag mags are touting the "reality shows" as real. But other followers of the shows say the shows are planned, not reality. Well either way they are pretty bad. We watched Survivor one season. It didn't appeal. We haven't been able to stomach the Hills, Batchelor, Big Brother, Keeping up. We don't see these things as anything more than people behaving badly. The Bad Girls, and other similar shows are even worse. So why watch them? There are shows about people having a blast overpopulating the earth. There are shows about dirty jobs, deadly jobs, deadly animals, deadly people, people who eat weird stuff. Now if you want some interesting shows. Those do keep us hopping though eating eyeballs and stuff keeps me running----out of the room. Our televisions are overwhelmed with shows that purport to be reality. But what is real about 3 girls who don't have skills running around showing off their booties in really tight clothes. That is right, back to the Kardashians. They are boring and Spiedi are more boring and distasteful. TV has become the domain of people who will do anything for a few minutes of notice. Not fame.

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