Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Tom and Katie. He is supposed to be a power in Hollywood. His wife is supposed to be a fashion icon. I hate this whole concept. Tom is a one act wonder. His acting has never kept me from seeing him as Tom Cruise. He is always Tom Cruise. The Scientology thing doesn't help. I have trouble believing that he really believes that stuff.

Mickey. He is an actor. His life has left a lot of really nasty stuff on his face, not to mention the bungled plastic surgery. After 9 1/2 Weeks he was supposed to be a hunk. I didn't see it then. I really don't see anything now. I do see someone who has acting skills which are outweighed by his ego and his drinking skills. Yuck!

Perez Hilton. Who the heck is this guy? Why was he even allowed to insert a question into a pageant that had nothing to do with the pageant? Why does the guy call other people "Faggots"? In what way are his opinions any better than any one else's opinion. I see him as a cry baby with a big agenda. And a bore.

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