Sunday, June 7, 2009


Someone please explain to me how showing fake boobs is good. The girls here make a big deal of their chest. Showing it off constantly seems to be their biggest draw. Ok, Kim K looks absolutely stupid in the white thing she's wearing. It looks like it isn't big enough. But I'd be willing to bet she pulled it open to show off boobs.

Mariah is happily married. Seems to be anyway. So why is it a good idea to strain every seam on all of her clothes? I wonder if that helps her hit high notes.

Pam A. will wear anything she thinks will draw male attention. This outfit is slut city in my view. However I'm sure it gets her attention.

Now, Pam is in her 40's, Mariah is close behind. I think Kim is in her late 20's. What will Pam and Kim depend on when the sagging starts. Plastic surgery is a given for all of these women. How much can you lift in one surgery? There are pics around
showing the Aging Pam. There are pics showing the not so slim Mariah. There are pics showing cellulite on Kim. If the need to use physical beauty to get attention is so great, when are the next operations planned? So at some point I still need to know, why does a woman make herself look like a hooker to become famous?

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