Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Morning, Old thoughts

Say what you will about the wonderful voice of Kelly Clarkson; I fail to see why
it is so hard to hire a wardrobe assistant.

Joaquin Phoenix was so good in Walk The Line but it might have been a turning point in a big downward spiral. But then the whole family seems somewhat
to left of center.

Salma Hayek (Congrats on Wedding) Sometimes she looks amazing and sometimes just
not. She could use more of the amazing. What a figure!!!!!!!!!

Barak Obama is trying to be clear on the problems and solutions the government
is working with. What is so hard to understand? Some (R) citizens seem to have hearing difficulties.

Poor Naomi Watts. Oscar mess. Ill-fitting dress and hair a mess. Poor Naomi Watts.

Jessica Beil-afterparty- WOW

Lisa Rinna-talks too much.

What's with the fashion designers hiding bodies with extra fabric, huge bows? Let's see- This is a beautiful dress-Let' add a huge bow and maybe a bunch of draped fabric. There now, you can't tell it is a beautiful dress.

Poor Whoopi.

Melissa George and Heidi Klum should really thank their designers for their dresses. They were certainly noticeable. And UGLY.

I am DONE.

1 comment:

  1. #1 Love that color on Jessica Biel. Why didn't she wear that to the Oscars themselves? It's much better than the dress she wore on the red carpet. Although this would have looked better with an updo.

    #2 Naomi Watts did nothing right with this look. The hair looked unfixed, the color was too close to her skin and the shape did nothing for her figure.

    Thought Miley Cyrus looked amazing. Beyonce and Jessica Biel's first dress - horrible.