Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More of everything

More of everything-----Oscars. Oscar dresses. Oscar jewels. Oscar hair. Oscar everything. Plussssss

Amy Adams, I don't think she has the knack yet.

The Oscar gown on Beyonce made her look huge from waist to knees and it was cheap
looking. Then there was the lack of jewelry and the ugly hair.

Why would Jessica Beil cover up that gorgeous body?

I think Miley Cyrus looked really cute. So there.

Tilda Swinton is such a great actress I don't care what she wears. Ditto Cate

Why would Natalie Portman wear a prom dress to the Oscars?

I want hugh Jackman to sing for me again.

Sienna Miller dresses better than the clothes she designs. She needs a new job.

I actually saw a picture of Lil Kim with her boobs covered. Wow, that's a new one.

Rachel Zoe---boring and skinny.

Denise Richards needs to get a life, not get revenge. What a B-------

What is the Michael Douglas equivalent to Cougar?

Oprah. A big deal? Why?

Lauren Conrad's fashions are a little plebian, her acting is a little.......

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  1. I really liked Amy Adams' necklace - it was amazing - but didn't go well with the dress. It looked like she picked the necklace first and then looked for a gown that could go with it.