Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Attitude, New me

Kevin Federline----Children's clothing designer. Can't dress himself. Maybe he needs
a new name-like Kevin Fatterline. I have never liked the idea of purchasing clothing
from someone who looks like something the cat dragged in.

Kevin and Britney----I see why she doesn't want Kevin's girlfriend on the tour. She is thin.

Lindsay----Please try Yoga. You need to relax and eat. I really don't know what to
do now. When I get stressed I eat. Just don't understand someone who doesn't eat enough to stay curvy.

Spencer and Heidi----What can I say? I have posted a picture of a butt ugly guy and a BLONDE whose mouth is always open(don't know why she thinks her tongue is cute) and for some reason this couple gets press. What can I say? I gave them space.

Lauren Conrad quitting her reality???????? show. Gee

Shannen Dougherty working on a magazine. Well a girl's gotta eat.

Ryan Seacrest----isn't quite nice enough to get away with nasty questions. He tries.

Paula Abdul can't choose a pretty dress to save her life. But her jewelry line on Home Shopping Network is nice. Who would have thought?

I keep thinking about SJP's Oscar Dress. She looked like she would fall out at any second. Why do celebs think it looks good?

Cher is ageless, endless entertainment. Not necessarily a role model.

Rosie O'Donnell seems to finally have come to grips with her need to tone down, thank goodness and her son who asked her to not drink.

Why do The Insider and Entertainment Tonight always have the same stories on.

Mark Harmon---NCIS. I have watched you since you played College football. You just keep getting better.(This is a minor crush)

How is this for a New Attitude?

Thanks to CE and EE for new website info.


  1. I didn't know people still wore hosiery (L. Lohan). It's especially ugly with a strapless dress. It's like winter on bottom, summer on top.

  2. Yup, a new sort of mullet. Party on top, business on the bottom.