Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Day, New Stuff

What if-- Jessica Simpson was able to sing a song without groaning in what she
thinks of as a sexy way?

Celebrities were to spend their clothing allowances on feeding the
poor and actually wear real clothes to events?

Someone would tell Lance Armstrong that riding a bicycle does not make
him sexy?

The thighs on runway models actually had some shape and the shoulder
blades really didn't show?

Louis Vuitton made handbags for a reasonable price?

SJP(you know who) wore clothes which weren't costumey?

Katie Holmes actually ate?

California, which has a wonderful selection of foods, were to use
normal weight people in their commercial?

Maria Carey realized how very unsexy it is to try too hard to be sexy?

Janet Jackson ate veggies?

Michael Jackson had a nose?

People stopped caring about the Angie/Jennifer thing? What would
magazines write about?

People began to act sensibly? What would I write about?

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