Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Blog, New Thoughts

I will be including a lot of thoughts on the new blog. I am overrun with opinions and I want to save the other blog for my art and the new things I learn. This blog will enable me to show my non-compassionate side.

For Instance: Why are the Kardashians on TV?

Why does Britney Spears always sound like she is singing into a

Why do people not notice that Cameron Diaz doesn't have a

What happened to Misha Barton's clothing stylist? Did she
disappear with the girl's acting career?

Why do celebs wear designer fashions even if they are ugly?,
(the fashions, I mean.)

Why would the press, TV, and magazines add credence to an obvious
idiot who has 14 children, no job? For that matter, how can
The Learning Channel make having huge families seem like a good
idea? The world will suffer a lot with the children and children's
children to take care of. There is already a problem with making
resources go around. This is totally irresponsible of the channel
and the families who do this by choice.

Why do the people who make movies use actors who are not very good
at acting even though they were married to Brad Pitt?

When do the good movies start to be made again? And why so
many remakes?

Who is Tom Cruise and why is he still acting?

Is this enough to ponder for one day? More to come. Bye.

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