Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's not

I've always admired Nicole Kidman and her classic approach to fashion. I'm never bored by what she wears but sometimes it just seems a little off. This is not one of those times. Simple is chic. The other pic is of an actress or singer or something and I actually like her LBD also. I think it is simple and is good with the red shoes. The LBD seems to be back this year. I've looked at the fashion mags and they say Leopard is the new black. Gray is the new black. Etc. Not so. Black when worn correctly is just great on it's own.
 Another trend being seen this year is the dress or top that dips really low. I'm not unhappy with the dress on Lea Michelle but I think the JWoww thing is hideous. When the implants are that obvious it becomes sleazy. The other girl, possibly an actress, looks ok. The bottom slit is also a pretty obvious grab for attention but I'm not sure the attention would be good.
Then there are the jeans. Denim is forever. It is. But I'd trying to suss out the message that slashes send. Everyone knows that most of the jeans are bought that way and originally I think it came from the 80's. Rock 80's. And of course the jeans makers needed to come up with something new. Hence slashed jeans. However there are some people who take it to extremes. Just sayin.

Fashion and celebs have always been connected. Since the days of the movie star mags, we have looked to Hollywood to show us good fashion. Audry Hepburn and Lauren Bacall and Grace Kelly showed designer fashions well. Now we have so many actors and so much media that fashion magazines and celeb magazines don't carry as much clout as blogs, tweets, and pins. It will be interesting to see where all of this goes.


  1. I think Nicole Kidman always makes it work...
    Now in regards to those jeans.... i really do not know how torn up fabric can look good. Not in my book-

  2. I'm guilty of dressing up ripped jeans...ooops. I love them, can't help it. dawn suitcase vignettes