Thursday, November 15, 2012

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2013

 I have been looking for some things to do with the clothes I have that don't work for me. I'm selling some, donating some, and others I'm keeping. If a garment has something about it that I especially like I want to try and find a style or a restyle that I can use to make it work. I've followed refashion blogs with interest and there are some fun and pretty things that can be done. And on the runway at the Lim show I see some more ideal.

First the dress. I don't wear dresses much. Or at all. Maybe I should. But this dress has elements of a fine blouse, a t shirt and refashion. The whole Spring line has this vibe and it is really useful and interesting.
Also included in the Lim collection are mixed patterns. I'm not very good at this and I'd have to choose and purchase the items together because I don't have any items at this time to do this with. Part of that problem is that I have only one pair of printed pants(leopard print). Anyway, it reminded me that I would enjoy a fairly loose fitted pair of printed pants. And I have some fabrics and a sewing machine. Time to decided about what fabric to use and get going.
This model is wearing jeans. They are real denim which looks to have been cut, restitched and frayed. I'm not going to wear the worn out looking jeans. But this idea is another way to do denim that doesn't look worn out. And adding a different sleeve to a top or sweatshirt is a great idea. Lots of possibilities.
While I'm not into the T shirt thing with sayings etc on them, I do think the T shirt in this pic could be done in a random stripe of patches and made to look great with the pants. And the pants are of several fabrics and I could do that too.

This is one of the few designers that I've been able to look at and take as an example for my use. I'm so glad to see it.


  1. inspirational images! the styles are very unique and DIY-able.


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  3. Love the effect on the jeans, I'd wear the heck out of those if I had them. I've been working with pattern mixing, and am by no means a master. I find the idea of large versus small print and mixing patterns with the same color families really help. Going for black and white is a good starting point.

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