Monday, November 12, 2012

A good word

I'd like to talk about the words we see used in the magazines and TV shows about celebrities.

Flaunt-I used to think of flaunting as sticking  something into someone's face a thing they don't want to see, such as an engagement ring into an ex's face. Now I know that if you have your picture made, you are flaunting something. The caption said JS is flaunting her small waist. OK. Now I know what flaunting is. I also saw a picture of one celebs who had had a baby and got thin again. The caption said she was flaunting her post baby body. I suppose in order not to flaunt, she should have kept herself totally covered.
Style icon-much has been made of those who wear designer clothing. Instead of discussing what a person has on they must answer the question-"Who are you wearing?". And even if they look awful, the designer gets advertisement. I remember the time that Gloria Vanderbilt jeans were the rage. Advertisement on my butt. And to add to the mix, there are those we look to for inspiration and they are called style icons. Well, folks, Chloe Sevigny is supposed to be a style icon. Right.

A couple of other things I have noticed. Among the younger set, the work rocks is common. Gwen Stephani rocks an outfit. She doesn't wear it, she rocks it. And young women don't get dressed. They style themselves or they style a certain piece of clothing.
At one time there was Superman. He was a hero and everyone loved him. Now there are superstars and supermodels. I think a superstar is someone who either has been in the biz a really long time or someone who is really good at it. I understand that just calling someone a star won't get you an interview with them. I also understand that an actor or singer, etc can be a superstar at one point while they are being noticed and just be an actor when things calm down. EG-Susan Sarandon. She is obviously a wonderful actor. But not necessarily a superstar. David Arquette is someone that I hadn't realized had reached superstar status until I read it in a magazine today. And supermodels. I suppose those are the ones I see in magazines with their names listed. Like Christy Turlington(my personal favorite). If their name isn't well known in the US, for me they are not a superstar.

Superlatives are a big deal when dealing with the celebs. And I think these are a sort of modern yellow journalism. They are used to ramp up the importance of the statement being made and sometimes to make the person talked about feel better. But when the celeb buys the superlative things being said about them, sometimes they become insufferable. There are some very well known examples of this out there. You might hear,"I'm ______________." Means I'm important so I get special treatment. Well, some of us think they should earn it by being both good at their craft and by being just good folks.

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  1. It's interesting how people use words! I think it's so neat. Wow, Jessica has lost lots of weight.