Saturday, April 25, 2009


Has Paula Rubio grown or has the dress shrunk. I often wonder about that with my clothes.

Heidi and Spencer are marrying this weekend. Why is that news? And who is blown away by her new song? And when will this deadly duo go away?

New Kardasian show. One truly ugly and boring show wasn't enough? I am having trouble figuring out who is funding this.

Patrick Swayze- more prayers are needed. Let's get with it.

Mel Gibson and the russian hardbody. I am not sure that I could be more disappointed in a human being.

Lindsay Lohan seems to be all over the place in her behavior and her feelings. I do feel sorry for anyone who lives their lives in front of a camera. I hope she can pull herself together.

Kate Walsh was touted as a style icon for a while. But she seems to have lost both her fashion sense and her cool.

Gwyneth Paltrow had a frenemy. After her comments about the lack of intellect in the US I think she has more than one.

Joaquin Phoenix quit the movies to be a Rock Star. How funny is that. I think he just doesn't like to shave.

New Rag Mags show new diets and new pics of celebs without makeup. Looking like the rest of us but they made it into a magazine.

I love the normal, not normal thing in rag mags. And the Stars are just like us. So where is my pic in a magazine.

Keanu Reeves has a hat that smells so bad people don't want to be around him. Did it get that bad smell while he was wearing it.

I still can't figure out why Jamie Foxx thinks his opinions about a 16 year old girl are worth something. What does he know about being a 16 year old girl?

Enough for now. More later.

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