Friday, April 24, 2009

Beyonce and Misha

Okay, sometimes Beyonce looks good. Sadly this is not one of those times. I know she loves her mother and wants to be supportive but Dereon is now a good house to live in. And yes, this outfit is from elsewhere. Should have stayed elsewhere. Beyonce could use some help ignoring the over the top stuff she has learned from her mother to love.

And Misha has chosen to totally confuddle the fashion industry. She is wearing a beautiful dress that fits her well and drapes very well and would probably be perfect for Lee Radziwill. The dress is way too old for Misha, it is miles too long, it is not accessorized well, and her hairstyle is totally not in keeping with the look.

I think these two women need to make better decisions on their clothing and stop being pushed about by what designers and fashion writers say. Grow up.

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