Monday, April 6, 2009

Not with it

Kelli Pickler's dress looked like a very pretty costume wearing her.
Matthew McConahey needs to learn that sunglasses at night are not cool.

These admittedly minor booboos are just a few of the many wonderful actions which remind us that the celebs don't get the golden ticket any more often than we do. I wouldn't know what to wear to an awards event. I don't think a mermaid costume would do and I know that the beachwear look doesn't get it. The CMA's are dressy, definitely. Matthew evidently didn't know that. Camilla did OK. But as usual Matthew made the attempt to be offhanded and it just looked dumb. Kelli has an epically beautiful figure. I would have loved to see her in a sheath, classy but simple. This dress reminded me of Beyonce's fiasco at the Oscars. Both cheap looking and costumey.

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