Sunday, October 21, 2012

I've always heard

I've always heard that you can never be too rich or too thin.

The first pic is from a blog called Scandinavian Street style. The outfit is fine. Not my taste, but fine. I'm concerned that girls see
the pic and think they have to be that thin. The girl in the pic
is actually thinner than some runway models. I remember when the media called Kate Moss' look heroin chic. She wasn't this thin,  so is there now a fashion trend called anorexic chic? I am
not taking this subject lightly. I am an avid pinterest follower and a couple of the pics in this blog are from pinterest. And the comments about them indicated that the pinners wanted to look like the girls in the photos. I'm sorry but I think having a body with no curves is only a blessing if you are very very young or a boy.

 The former "It" girl in Vogue Magazine is Alexa Chung. When I first saw her I wondered who the heck she was and why she was an "It" girl. Ok. Now I know who she is. But I still don't know what makes her special other than the fact that she has access to the designers' wares. To me, that name should belong to someone who not only knows fashion, but presents a beautiful face to the world. Maybe some think she is beautiful. I don't. Too thin.

You can say that I'm fat and this is just sour grapes. But I wouldn't trade figures with the very thin. Sure I would like to weigh less. And I'd love to be able to wear some things that look terrible on me now. But not like this.

Funny thing. An oversized sweater makes this girl look thinner. An oversized sweater fits me. And makes me look fatter. I wear them anyway. As for the outfits shown here. Some I wouldn't wear because of my age. But some of the things are great. I love the black slacks and red blouse. And I see nothing wrong with young people wearing just about anything they want to. I just prefer outfits on women and especially those who have some curves.

I'll shut up now.


  1. Like you Judy, i too think that there should be some meat on the bone...
    if a model is THAT thin, well they might as well put it on a hanger.

  2. Stumbled across your blog, interesting..... and I agree with everything you've said!

  3. Hi, so nice to meet you. I am enjoying your point of view. Great blog. Following along. dawn suitcase vignettes xo