Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I musta missed it.

 The fashion rules seem to change every time I look away for a minute. I absolutely fail to understand the Lovato look to the left. Torn up tights or hose just don't seem to enhance one's legs. I had mistakenly thought that the main reason for dressing is to make oneself look or feel better. A torn jacket, t-shirt, studded shoe thing and the hose just make her look like she's trying to join a club of 12 year old goth wannabes. Then I see where she has been modeling in a magazine looking slim and sexy. There is surely something wrong here.
Then there is the sweater which looks torn up. I would have definitely put this one in the rag bag. I've seen it on all sorts of the very young actresses in tinseltown. I'm not impressed. I think I'd have a hard time spending money on a torn up sweater.
Or what about a sweatshirt with a dressy skirt, heels, and nice jewelry? When I dress up in dressy clothes, sweatshirts don't come to mind. Karla, of Karla's Kloset makes everything look wonderful but I can't see how I could make gym clothes work for dressy.
Then there is the ripped jean. The boyfriend jean. The ripped boyfriend jean. I don't have a clue of how expensive these jeans are because I wouldn't want them. So get a pair of cheap jeans that don't fit and cut them with a razor blade and wash them a few times. They will look awful but that seems to be the point.

If the blogs I have been following about fashion are up to date, there are no rules in fashion. Camouflage and Chanel, Tulle and combat boots. What's a girl to do?


  1. I thought I was following your blog already, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. crazy head.
    Now, I am.

  2. gotta say i am a fan of the ripped jeans!
    i love taking casual things and dressing them up
    fashion really is about what you like and feeling confident about it

  3. Certain styles I would not wear for my everyday life, but I do like "some" of the more "out there" fashions. One thing (that's not too crazy) I'd like to try is a vintage concert t-shirt with a blazer.

  4. its like a 2012 Cindy Lauper. Fail then, fail now.