Tuesday, October 2, 2012

 Fashion continues to be totally surprising to me. I remember when many of the Hair bands of the 80's were also often seen in ripped jeans. Of course they weren't baggy ripped jeans but the knees were usually gone. I have borrowed a pic from pinterest to show my lack of understanding of current fashion. The girl in the pic is really pretty. I love her shoes. But to me the jeans are ready for the rag bag. And I don't understand wearing something like that with dressy clothes. Just one of my questions.
Then there is the side boob. Having been around when bras were being burnt, and see through tops and boho fashions were worn, I'm wondering why the side boob is such a big deal that the magazines mention it and point it out. I must admit that I prefer the look on someone attractive and not sleazy looking. But gee. What is the big deal that there is a side boob? What about the shirts that are cut so high the bottom of the boobs hang out. But that was OK. Yeah, right.
 Now on to the next question. Why would someone wear something that looks like a blanket with a belt. And it appears to be sleeveless and to need a wrap.
Last for the day is the tale of the coat. It has zippers. It hangs off at angles. It seems to be worn with holey tights and floppy, sloppy boots. And a see through blouse. And hair that looks like a tornado hit it. Sorry, but I don't get it. Fashion like this is costume to me. The person is dressed as if Armageddon had happened and they were left with this. I used to think fashion was using your creative juices to enhance yourself and make yourself more attractive. I'm now officially lost.


  1. Thanks or stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower. Thanks for sharing these pics. Fashion goes full cure, one way or another.