Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fashion vs Art

 This is definitely not an easy-wear piece. And I'm not sure it could be cleaned.
 I'm amazed at the workmanship in this piece.
 I have collected some photo images of items that have been sent down runways and there is no real wearability to these designs. I can't imagine sitting, getting through doorways, dining, conversations in sotto voce, and dancing with any of these designs. While they are artistic, they are now wearable in the normal sense of the word.
 Sometimes, just because you can, it doesn't mean you should.
 Sitting? Maybe not.
 This looks to me like a washboard with billowing sheets on top. I can't help but think this skirt would be cute if it were shorter and worn with a fitted short sleeve sweater. In white. Really cute.
 No words.
 This piece is interesting. I'd be able to look at it for a long time. Designers do seem to do interesting designs to throw in with their everyday looks. I suppose this design could be worn to an upscale gathering. Maybe by Daphne Guiness.
Amazing workmanship in this one. The time it took to design and make it must be huge. It is truly a piece of art.


  1. My cleaners would run the other way if I turned up with any of these crazy designs !
    I honestly don't see what is the point in making something you can't USE-

  2. I don't get it either. Maybe the outfits could be hung on the wall as art.