Monday, June 10, 2013

I look at fashion

I look at fashion on the blogs, on the internet, in the magazines, and on TV. Some fashions are so far out of my price range I don't look at them as something I would wear. Some are so strange, some so ugly, and some so bare, I likewise would pass on them. But I still look. Because when I look at them I see eye candy, color, art, beautiful fabrics, interesting designs, etc.

I have loved seeing the top set of pics because they are so colorful and so interesting. The fashions from the Nordic countries are truly inspiring to me. I understand that the countries have a lot more winter temps than I do but I would wear at least parts of the outfits. And the fabrics sing.

I'm impressed with the jacket fabric to the left and the scalloped fabric to the right in the second set of pictures. I also like the fit of the pants. But the mix on the right leaves me wondering. What happened between the top and the bottom? Why wear over the knee boots and leave the toes open. Hot legs and cold feet. Gee

 I am in love with the colors of the outfits on the right. But again, why wear pants that look like they are going to fall off and full back shoulders, and jackets that look way too big? I think I still don't understand "fashion ".

 Yes. I do like ethnic. Bohemian. Unusual things. My struggle here is to make it work for me. I couldn't afford the items here but I'd love to have them. They make me think of youth, sunshine, free love, and taking it back to nature. But where do the fringes become too much for me?

The top ethnic looks make me wish I could afford lovely fabrics, leathers, and accessories. And they make me want to make some for myself since I'm broke. I think I'll start small, like an accessory, and work up. But the art in these items will make me happy in the meantime.


  1. I'm in the same boat. Yes,I'll admit that I watch Project Runway, and it never fails,I always like the designs that the judges hate. However, I love the dresses that you posted; I'm all about tops and skirts and dresses because they tend to be more flattering than the pant suits which I am not yet brave enough to try out...maybe one day...

  2. i also love to look at fashion but when it comes to living a 'real' life, washing up, gardening, driving the car and so forth, I don't want sleeves that get in the way, bare bits that leave me exposed - or chilly! So really, I do nothing more than just look!

  3. I agree. Some aren't realistic anymore. Hehe. I mean, would I ever wear that kind of outfit? Some ideas horrifies me. :) You have interesting blog. I just followed you via GFC & Bloglovin. Come see you in my blog! 

    XX, IamJenniya
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  4. I always find that only about 15% of what is presented in the runway can actually be worn.
    Lately I have been admiring nordics and also polish (YES POLISH!) fashion. They are quite different, a lot of brocade, structured clothing that stand out.