Tuesday, May 14, 2013

People are strange.

I again want to address the weight thing in fashion. My daughter told me once I don't understand. Abercrombie has come out as not wanting shoppers over size 12. That is according to the owner. Models walk the catwalk with their bones showing. The clothing that is shown is often so shapeless as to be best shown on a hanger in the store. Surely anorexic people have a lot of role models to follow.
 This dress caught my eye because of the total see thru front. Gwyneth wore one totally clear on the sides. I've seen dresses with a lot of cut outs. Some aren't bad. Others like this one and Gwyneth's look to me like advertisement. Blatant requests.
Then there is the see through top with the bra of a different color. What's with that?


  1. GREAT POST :)


  2. All I have to say is...look at this freak of nature and tell me what business he has dictating who should wear his high priced clothes:


  3. I think what the CEO of A&Fitch is doing is wrong on so many levels.
    i just wish people were smart enough to boycott that asshole and never buy from hi again.