Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is it any wonder?

any more? Is it any wonder Snooki, for instance, thinks fur boots go with short shorts? Is it 
any wonder that  in terms of fashion, I'm totally confused?

 I have seen countless couture shows and magazine pieces which show the model with her hair totally frizzed and dry looking. I have seen countless commercials on shampoos that propose to do away with this totally awful style.
I've seen the new feather inserts in the hair. I guess it was only a matter of time someone took it way too far.
 After the Royal Wedding and the Princess hat, I don't think this is much of a surprise. I do think running around in this sort of stuff when not performing is sort of overdoing it. A lot.
I am not able to do anything about any of these things. They happen in the same world we all live in. And I remember when grown ups worried because Elvis Presley moved his hips.


  1. Ha, the world has come a long way since Elvis. Then again maybe not so much!

  2. Hahaha the best part was your comment about Elvis.
    It seems like we think we have seen it all and then something else comes along!

  3. I would honestly like to slap lady Gaga. She's an idiot.