Saturday, July 9, 2011

Designers, oh my! part one

 As usual, Dior makes a splash(mess) on the runway. I'm having trouble looking at the pictured fashions with a straight face. This is the Haute Couture collection. That essentially means that only women of great means will be able to purchase the fashions. They will then wear them to fancy dress affairs. With a straight face. The first offering I dub "The Tulle Tale".
 This offering from Dior Is my idea of wrapping something in newspaper and wrapping paper. I dub this one "Poorly Wrapped".
 Above is my idea of what to do with multi-colored garbage bags. I dub this one "Taking Out The Trash"
Many gifts come wrapped in these colors, done in tissue paper. I dub this one "Save The Wrapping Paper" because it can be reused.

My daughter and I disagree on these fashions to an extent. I say they are really strange. The hair, make-up and accessories all go to make the fashion feel somewhat other than real. And to me they could only be worn by really thin people because otherwise the added volume of fabric would make the average woman look fat. Not a good thing.

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  1. These haute babies cannot be worn. At least not by a regular person, it's like they were wrapped in toilet paper.