Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Saint Laurent

Always when I look at the collections by the best known design houses I expect to see several themes. This one is no exception. However I am surprised that 2 of the three photos show garments that might only look good, if that, on the models wearing them. The garments have a large amount of extra fabric which if worn by an average size woman would add many pounds to her appearance. I am glad I am not restricted to totally overpriced and underpretty clothes. I have noticed in the fashion world, on the red carpets, and especially on brides that the latest trends include clumped together fabrics, odd drapings, lopsided garments, and layers of fabric. None of these things appeal to me. I prefer to be able to see a woman's body in her clothes. Otherwise it appears that the clothes are using her as a coathanger. Not an attractive look in my opinion.

The other thing I mention about the designs is that there seems to be an extra strip of fabric at the bottoms of the shorts shown. Ha. A pair of scissors and that can be worn by anyone.

The Spring fashions are interesting to see. Not to buy.


  1. I was at a couple of catwalk shows at London Fashion Week last year and the models were nothing more than glorified coathangers. The joy of women's clothing is admiring how it embraces our natural curves and flatters all shapes and sizes. It's a shame the fashion industry are too scared to embrace this. xxx

  2. That's a bizarre coincidence, the verification code was BELLY!

  3. Really...who dresses like that in "real" life?!

  4. Hey vixen. Sometimes I think that they are picking someone ugly to make the clothes look better. But the models often look so angry I wonder if they are mad to have to wear such ugly outfits.

  5. I agree with you Judy.
    From this I would only use that last color combination of gray, black and beige- it's the only thing that worked for me.